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Basic polish Manicure with IBX (NOT gel)

One of my most popular nail services, this manicure not only holds up well but the additional IBX treatment will help to repair your nails while wearing the polish! You may even add a few more days to your beautiful manicure. I first clip and shape your nails, then onto meticulous cuticle work and we finish with perfect polish.

$30 · 30 minutes

Gel polish removal

Depending on what you are wearing and the amount of time to safely remove this service starts at $10. I do NOT remove hard gel, Next Gen, liquid powder or dip. Please have that fully removed before your appointment. If I applied the gel polish, I remove it free of charge and the removal is included in a new shellac application.

Starting at $10 · 15 minutes

Pedicure Epitome

This is the service you MUST have! It’s done in a zero gravity chair for maximum relaxation. You are first soaked and reclined. Then I clip and shape the toenails, then I smooth your heels. Then a sugar scrub is applied, hot towels, heel cream and perfect polish. You leave with new feet!

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1 Shellac Manicures

This dry manicure is the best around. Not soaking actually helps to keep your traditional polish in tact. I first file and shape the nail, do meticulous cuticle work, apply lotion then I finish with a good prep and perfect polish.

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French addition

French finish on hands or feet to compliment nail length and shape. Oil and lotion finish. This add on service MUST be booked with a full service.

$5 · 15 minutes

IBX Repair Treatment

IBX treatment applied to natural nails before nail polish, gel polish or polish free nails. This is not a manicure. IBX is a New & Revolutionary two-part system that acts as a Protective Shield for the natural nail under any Gel Polish Coating and can also be used as a Natural Nail Strengthening System to grow natural nails more readily on their own! IBX is the first system of it's kind...this penetrative toughening system works inside the nail (instead of top), is cured with LED light and forms an interpenetrating polymer network that fuses the upper layers of the nail together. The result is a tougher natural nail that can grow on it's own or act to protect the nail against frequent and potentially damaging removal.

$10 · 15 minutes

Shellac Chrome

$55 · 1 hour

Shellac Chrome + IBX

$65 · 1 hour

5 Shellac manicures with IBX

Package deal. Book the variation for each new manicure. Non transferable.

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Basic nail polish manicure (NOT gel)

I first clip and shape your nails, then onto meticulous cuticle work and we finish with perfect polish.

$25 · 30 minutes

1:1 Nail Training

Whether you are a novice or a licensed professional this 4.5 hour 1:1 training course is for you! So many people do their own nails and gel removal, and they need a few questions answered. They also need proper technique as to not harm their nails. I have been a licensed nail tech for 17 years and I simply LOVE the natural nail! My work and client retention speaks for itself. I will thoroughly explain the anatomy or the nail, why "water" manicures are not necessary and why that pesky lifting happens. You will learn how to do real cuticle work without harming yourself or your client. This course covers proper filing, cuticle work, proper nail prep and gel polish/ polish application. You will be confident enough to do you or your friends' manicure after our time together. One on one and group courses are available online. The one-time fee covers all 4.5 hours and 3 days. **This course is for personal growth they are not CEU classes.

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