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Joibyon Salon Services Experience JoiB'yon Salon Services. We provide a relaxing environment, free wi-fi, and the latest trend in hair care. If you desire to wear the latest colors, cuts and styles, call Howard Baker today! 507 564 2966
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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Our Services

Ceramic Infusion Natural Hair
Ceramic Silk Press
Scalp detox
Intense Moisture Treatment
Shampoo mold
Combination Service
(Relaxer Retouch, Color Semi, Trim)
Permanent Color
The amount being charged upon booking is a deposit amount. The remaining $100.00 ervice amount is due at checkout of service.
Ceramic Infusion Deluxe-Natural Hair
Natural Hair shampoo/silk on extremely thick or long hair with extended hydration
Demi Permanent Color
Deposit only no lift color, great for hair that has become resistant to semi permanent (stain) color.
Foil Highlights
Semi Permanent Color
Stain temporary color no lift only coverage depending on percentage of graying will last 6-8 shampoos.
Combination Service
(Relaxer Retouch Rinse and precision cut)
Service Consultation
In-Person Consultation with Stylist
Protein Treatment
Relaxer T/up
Thermal Smoothing Treatment
Shampoo/Condition- Spiral Set (Small)
Shampoo/Condtion- Spiral Set (Large)
Shampoo/Condition- Roller Set
Style Only (read note)
This service is only for clients that have been serviced at JoiB’yon within two days of being shampooed.
Braid take down
Color Splash (Hair line only)
Partial relaxer hairline or nape

Our Staff

Howard S. Baker Jr.