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Intuitive Massage

Guided by intuition; this session can include everything from cranial sacral therapy, deep tissue manipulation, myotherapy and myofascial techniques, cupping therapy and ending with a guided sound journey. Reiki and sound medicine are infused through the entire session. Tapping into the energy field before the physical body is where I believe the true medicine and healing can occur.

$111 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Zen Calming Massage

The intention of this massage is to completely calm your nervous system. Living in a society where the typical nervous system is in overdrive of fight or flight; calming it down is an integral part of deep healing. We focus on the vagus nerve; the 10th cranial nerve and one of the largest in the body, running from the cranium down into the colon. The session begins in the energetic field with some cranial sacral therapy, followed by an abdominal massage that stimulates the vagus nerve, colon, organs and cleanses the system. Leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and RE- set.

$111 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Guided Sound Journey

Paired with breathwork you will be guided on a journey through the soul. Recovering and retrieving parts of yourself that were lost or forgotten. Tapping into the lower, middle and upper worlds of our consciousness there are memories that are ready to be unlocked and reintegrated into the body. These can be held in groups or individually.

$88 · 1 hour

Spiritual and Energy Coaching

If you are looking to deepen your self and start taking your healing into your own power, this is for you. Guided by intuition, this session will include dialogue on what you are seeking support on in your life. We will use tools of divination; such as oracle cards, meditation, breath, sound, crystals, yoga and energy work.

$99 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Free Consultation

Free · 30 minutes


Kelsey Hurst