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Primrose Apothecary offers customized herbal and aromatic remedies to support individual health and wellness. Consultations and intuitive flower essence readings focus on individual wellness needs, stress management and holistic beauty. Sessions last 30 minutes to an hour depending and include a remedy. I’m available in person at Luna Wellness in Portland and work with people remotely!

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Our Services

AVAILABLE SERVICES Primrose Organics Apothecary offers a variety of healing consultations and intuitive readings to help you achieve optimal, holistic health. The following services are available in person or remotely. When you schedule your appointment, please indicate your preferred appointment method.
Consultations and Custom Blending
Each 45-minute custom blending consultation includes a thorough intake form to assess your current health, followed by a discussion of your unique needs and challenges. These sessions seek to treat not just physical symptoms but any underlying emotional and spiritual concerns. Also included with your consultation is the development of a personalized botanical remedy based on your individual health needs. All remedies are created using deep-healing alchemical methods and Reiki energy to assist in spiritual support for the mind, body, and soul. (Please note: Some remedies will be available at the time of your session, but others may need to be carefully constructed afterwards to achieve the best results.)
Flower Essence Intuitive Oracle Readings
This 45-minute session includes an intuitive examination of how the elements are at work in your life, and a custom flower essence blend crafted to meet your specific elemental needs. The reading assesses Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether, which connect to your physical body, mental functioning, personal power, emotions, and spirit. We will look deeply within, exploring these natural cycles and rhythms, revealing where support is needed. The prescribed flower essence remedy can help bring peace and balance to those areas when incorporated into a meditative practice after the reading.
Flower Essence Intuitive Oracle Readings
This 1-hour reading includes an intuitive assessment of balance in the spiritual centers of the body that channel your life force energy, and a flower essence remedy based on what we discover there. Through this reading, we will gain perspective on where support is needed for grounding, confidence, and self-awareness. We will explore, in depth, how to achieve greater harmony between the physical and spiritual realms, bringing both worlds together for complete health and wellness. Using the flower essence remedy from this reading helps restore balance in the universal life force energy running through the meridians along the spine; this harmonizes the autonomic nervous system, providing strength, clarity, and vitality.

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