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Light Clean - 1 hour service

If you are looking for a quick touch up before your guests arrive this clean is perfect for you! If the home requires more than a 1 hour clean (2 employees for 1 hour = 2 hours) we will have to cancel your cleaning and you will be required to rebook for another day. For more details, please visit our website at:

Starting at $90 · 1 hour

Moderate Clean - 2 Hour Service

We will provide 2 cleaning specialist for this 2 hour service which will provide a total of 4 hours of cleaning for your home. This is not considered a deep cleaning, but more of a monthly touch up after our deep cleaning service.

Starting at $180 · 2 hours

Deep Clean- 4 hour Service

Mandatory for first time appointments, ideal for families with young children, allergy sufferers, and multiple or large pets. Also a great idea when the seasons change, hosting real estate showings or closing! Get ready to see your home shine. Upon the first visit, your house is cleaned top-to-bottom using our Complete Clean Checklist. This is the most lengthy (and costly) visit, bringing your home up to our standard of “clean”. After this initial home makeover, we will be pleased to return on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or occasional basis. In order to keep your home and your wallet looking their best, we do offer loyal clients reduced rates for more frequent visits. Our Complete Clean service allows our team 50% more time in your home to focus on the details and any build-up throughout your home. Includes awesome extras such as baseboard cleaning, vacuuming of upholstery and MORE! For more details, please visit our website at:

Starting at $360 · 4 hours


$125 · 1 hour