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Immigration Medical Exam, Form-I-693

***Please read*** The Immigration Medical Exam will require at least 2 visits. The first visit will be by video call, where we will initiate the necessary lab order required by immigration and we will update your immunizations. The second visit to review the lab report and complete the form I-693. _______________ In order to prepare, please do the following: (1) Check if you have any records of your last tetanus vaccine. If it was done in the last 10 years, we will need the date (MM/DD/YYYY). (2) Begin to fill the first 4 pages of the form I-693. The form is found in the Immigration website (3) Have a copy of your passport; (4) Email Dr. Latif ( ) with the above information. _______________ Billing: (1) There is a flat fee of $200 per applicant to complete the form and cover all visits at Alphacare. This fee will be payed when you book the appointment. We will not bill your insurance for completion of the form. (2) Vaccines can be covered by your insurance, or you can get them for free from the health department. We will inform you which vaccine you need after the first visit. (3) Lab will bill your insurance for any blood tests. If you do not have insurance, blood tests will cost an extra $150.

$200 · 30 minutes

Virtual Visit: Telemedicine by phone or video call (FaceTime)

This is a virtual visit, you do not need to come to the office. You will get a phone call from Dr. Latif to start the evaluation and management of your condition.

30 minutes

Telemedicine by phone or video call - for patients who do not have insurance

The registration form will be sent by email, and needs to be completed before every visit. If you have an Apple phone, we will reach you by FaceTime. If not, the visit will be done by phone and email.

$100 · 30 minutes

COVID testing

We will contact you by phone or FaceTime for evaluation. We will explain and arrange the test that is appropriate for your condition.

Free · 30 minutes

Follow up visit ( Phone appointment )

This appointment will be done by phone or video call. This appointment is to follow up on a previous visit that is done within the past 1-2 weeks, to discuss lab results, refill medications or discuss any issues related to the previous appointment.

Free · 15 minutes

Dr. Latif

Board Certified Family Physician