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Our Services

releasing anxiety
through hypnotherapy,we can effectively and permanently help you to release your anxiety
let me help you let go of what is holding you back and start living life on your terms today
weight managment
let me help guide you on your journey to reaching your goals
walk away from smoking
pain management
hypnotherapy is an effective way to help alleviate chronic pain in an exstreamly powerful way
sexual difficulties
if you are having difficulties with intimacy or other sexual issues i can help you to over come these and live life in the way you choose to
fear of public speaking
I can help you overcome your fear of public speaking and gain confidence in your self and your ability to communicate to any one or anywhere
Sleeping Problems/ Insomnia
When treating sleeping problems, there are various approaches you could take. It is important to first speak to your doctor to eliminate any physical causes. Your doctor may recommend you take medicine to help you sleep. For some people, this can be an effective treatment, but it is important to try and find out the underlying cause to the problem.
PTSD / Traumatic Stress Disorder
Hypnotherapy for PTSD is an evidence-based treatment and can effectively treat the symptoms as well as the underlying causes. Those who have the most severe PTSD symptoms and those wth previous trauma or stressful experiences during childhood, will likely benefit greatly from hypnotherapy.
Self Confidence
Confidence is not necessarily something you either have or you don’t. You’re not just born with it. It is absolutely something that can be developed. Because feeling confident can have such a significant impact, it is very worthwhile to find ways to increase it. Hypnosis is an excellent way to do this. For some people, hypnotherapy can bring about results much more quickly and easily than traditional therapy or self-determination.
Alleviate phobia's & Fears
hypnotherapy is a powerful way to help you permanently release your fears and phobias in a safe and effective way. by helping to look at your fears from a differnt point of view or to just simply allow yourself to let them go
Analytical hypnotherapy
Analytical hypnotherapy is a therapeutic treatment for many issues that face people today with the use of what is termed hypnoanalysis we can work together to uncover the root cause of the difficulty that you are facing and help you to live life on your terms in the way you choose to and to let go of the things that are holding you back .

Our Staff

Dan Goyette
Dan Goyette is a certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in treatments for axiety depression and anger management