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Our Services

Permanent Eyeliner Top OR Bottom Only
Permanent eyeliner tattoo, top or bottom liner only.
Permanent Eyeliner Top & Bottom
Permanent eyeliner tattoo, top and bottom liner.
Brow Shading (add on service)
Brow shading (powder brows) with microblading or permanent tattoo technique. Must be performed at original appointment for this price. $100 if added at a later appointment
Microblading Annual Maintenance Touchup
Annual maintenance on microblading. One visit included.
Microblading Brow Tattoo
3D brow microblading. Includes aftercare information and products. Touchup visit at 6-8 weeks is necessary to obtain the best results. Microblading is a two step process.
Permanent Hairstroke Brow Tattoo
Permanent hairstroke brow tattoo.
PMU Maintenance on another tech’s work
Maintenance touchup on brows, eyeliner, lip color, etc. Cost depends on individual tattoo’s condition. Starts at $200 and increases depending on fading, condition, corrections needed, changes requested etc.
Areola Reconstruction Tattoo
Areola reconstruction tattoo on both breasts.
Six month touchup (brows/eyeliner)
Microblading touchup (8-10 weeks)
Follow up touchup appointment for microblading at 6-8 weeks. (Not a maintenance touchup)
Permanent Brow Touchup at 6-10 Weeks
Follow up appointment at 6-8 weeks for touchups on Permanent Brows. No charge for one touchup. Additional appointments are $100 each. Annual maintenance and after is $150.
Permanent Eyeliner Touchup (my work, 6-10 weeks)
Follow up appointment at 6-8 weeks for permanent eyeliner touchup. Annual maintenance and after are $125 each.
Lip Tint or Lip Liner Touchup (my work)
Follow up appointment at 6-8 weeks for full lip tint or lip liner
Consultation for services
Consultation for permanent eyeliner, brows, microblading, electrolysis or Coolsculpting
Scar/tattoo cover or correction
Correction or over of scar or tattoo. Price and number of sessions depends on size, age, and pigmentation. Consultation is preferred. Starting at $100 per session
Lip Tint (with same color liner)
Permanent Lip Color on full lips (same color liner). Touchup at 6-8 weeks will be necessary for best color retention. Dental block is additional $35
Lip Liner
Permanent Lip Liner. Touchup at 6-8 weeks is necessary for color retention.
Lip Color on full lips (with different color liner)
Permanent Lip Tint on full lips with different color lip liner. Dental block is additional $35.
Annual Maintenance Touchup on my work
Maintenance touchup on permanent brow tattoo, eyeliner, and lip color. Annual or post annual maintenance.
Areola reconstruction tattoo follow up
Additional touchup appointments $100 each

Our Staff

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