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Contouring Consultation
Let our coaches work out the right Contouring plan for you. Whether the right service is Fat Freezing, RF Cavitaion, or Laser Lipo , You are Not a cookie cutter! get measured, and discuss the right action for you.
Laser Lipo
Teeth Whitening Express
Sauna Bed
Infrared heat body wraps is used as a therapy to produce a number of health benefits. The body wrap uses infrared rays (FIR) to heat your body directly without warming the air around you. The Infrared rays produce an energy, also known as radiant heat, the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the harmful and skin damaging ultraviolet rays. These infrared waves of energy penetrate the surface of the skin and gently elevate the body’s temperature to a minimum of 107.6 Fahrenheit (42 Celsius). This starts to promote healing and other positive benefits for your body and well-being.
Anti Aging LED Ultrasonic Facial
Acne Fighting LED Ultrasonic Facial
Calm Skin LED Ultrsonic Facial
Combination LED Ultrasonic Facial
Vacuum Therapy 1 Session
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Tuitition in Full
16 Hour Training Course
Internship Tuition In Full
120 Hours Business Internship

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