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Offering individual and group Psychic Tarot Card Readings & Manifestation Coaching
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Our Services

Focused Coaching
During a coaching session I will assist you to see the energetic dynamics of your situation. I coach my clients to transform the infrastructure of their coping mechanisms, using mindset techniques that actually problem solve on a deeper level, and create more desirable outcomes. We will cover dynamic tools to reshape behavior & navigate the world with a deeper sense of ease & more personal success!.................. ★ A one hour session is recommended for a first time client, and for those who do not have a strong grasp of the law of attraction and manifestation principles. The 30 minute session is available for follow up sessions. ★ FOR PACKAGES: Scheduling will be discussed. Suggested use of time: 1 hour introductory call and spend the remaining hours in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions to be used throughout 1 week to a month depending on where you are in your technique. 4 hours $700 8 hours $1,200
Tarot Readings (on the phone/video chat)
I will not only illuminate what is going on for you, I will help you see things from a higher perspective for a deeper understanding- and more awareness of how to move forward harmoniously...... ★A 15 Minute Tarot Reading is a quick look into your past present and future- or whatever is pertinent at the time of inquiry. Not much time for guidance, but helpful if you are needing some clarity. ★A 30 Minute Tarot reading is an option for those who would like clarity on one subject and to learn a little bit of manifestation skills. ★A 60 Minute Tarot reading is for those who would like an in depth understanding of their situation and learn manifestation techniques to create a better future. Tarot is a wonderful tool to gather information about that which you are inquiring, and the coaching piece includes extra facilitation to empower you around the circumstances. You will learn techniques to shift things, and get what you want. We will work on developing your awareness and begin to pay closer attention to the way life is responding to your mindset.
In Person Sessions Contact Me Directly to Shedule
Tarot Reading Parties & Events
**Please contact me to confirm appointment time** Whether you would like to get a few friends together for an intimate gathering or are looking to spice up your corporate event, Tarot is a wildly fun accent to any party and is sure to be the talk of the event. Guests will leave feeling inspired, uplifted, and impressed! ($25 Travel fee for drive between 15-29 minutes. $50 fee for drive time between 30-60 minutes. Cash fee collected upon arrival, or option to prepay.) 2 hours base $350 3 hours base $525

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