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Brazilian Services

Please book under new client if you are new to Silk or have not been here in a year + This service is currently female only. Brazilian waxes can leave a strip, triangle, or remove hair completely from the front area. Brazilians include the back butt strip Hydrojelly mask can be added after waxing to assist in cooling, calming, and rehydrating the skin

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Brow Services

Brow lamination - Product is applied to the brow that creates a chemical reaction to lay the hairs in the place you want them. Results last about 5 weeks. Waxing/tweezing is included. Not all brows are ideal candidates. Not pregnancy Safe.

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Bikini Services

Please book under new client if you are new to Silk. This service is currently Female only. bikini line- everything outside of a swimsuit area will be waxed Bikini line extended- several inches further in than a bikini line, leaving hair in the center area bikini full- anything further than an extended bikini and does not include the butt strip hydrojelly mask can be added for calming, cooling, and rehydrating the waxed areas.

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Body Waxing

Please inform us if there are any changes in medication prior to your appointment.

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Popular Combos

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Add On- High frequency

Hi frequency helps aid the skin in healing. We will use an anti inflammatory light followed by a light to help prevent ingrowns. DO NOT BOOK IF PREGNANT.

$15 · 5 minutes

Lash Lift - includes tint

Lash lifts use products to curl your lashes for up to 8 weeks. These products are safe and are made to be able to use around the eye area. Please note : Lashes cannot get wet for 24 hours following the service

$80 · 1 hour

Add on - Ice globes

$8 · 5 minutes


Available now through 9/1/24

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Face Waxing

Please let us know if any face products have changed that include glycolic or salicylic acid such as but not limited to face washes and exfoliants.

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Vanessa C

Vanessa Canizalez started working in the beauty industry at age 19. She opened Silk waxing in 2015. Vanessa has been featured in Voyage Dallas and is also now a partner of the WNBA team, Dallas Wings.