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A Psychic Reading Group or Party Reading

Get together with your friends and/or family online using Elizabeth's zoom platform. 1 Hour 20 minutes works for up to 4 people, 2 hours 20 minutes works for up to 8 people. If in Person Reading requested a trip fee of $100 will be applied to any location within 1 hour drive of Albuquerque, NM.

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Akashic Record Reading

Review your past life, current life and life between life records and have a conversation with your spirit guides, spiritual committee members and Akashic Record keepers. These readings are particularly helpful to people who are changing jobs, planning for undergrad or advanced college studies, parents who want to understand their children's life purpose and support that purpose, people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, and people who have extraordinary paranormal experiences (starseeds, young mediums, etc.) as well as those who may have health issues that are mysterious in nature, and can particularly helpful when combined with energy healing to clear health issues stemming from past life situations.

3 Options

Psychic Reading - Short

Quick psychic reading to get to the heart of a matter quickly. Reading may be extended on a $3 per minute basis if time allows (e.g. Elizabeth has time, no one else has scheduled a reading, etc.)

$60 · 15 minutes

Block of 8 One Hour Sessions - Reading, Healing, Coaching or Skills Mentoring

8 Hours of Reading, Healing, Coaching or Mentoring Time as you choose. Lock in a deeply discounted price on multiple sessions with Elizabeth. Schedule your 15 minute Complimentary Block Planning Session Now. Services will be provided by phone or Zoom unless otherwise agreed upon.

$1000.00 $1,000 · 15 minutes

Block of 4 One Hour Sessions - Reading, Healing, or Coaching

Lock in a deeply discounted price on 4 hour block of reading, healing, or coaching time. Schedule your 15 minute complimentary intake session below. All sessions will be held on the phone or Zoom unless otherwise agreed upon.

$560 $560 · 15 minutes

Intuitive Healing/Reiki

Combination of Spiritual Response Therapy/Spiritual Clearing Work, Spirit Guided Intuitive Healing and Reiki Healing. Homework may be assigned.

$120 · 45 minutes

Relationship and Love Clearing/Intuitive Healing

Do you feel stuck in your romantic relationships or lack of romantic relationship? Still grieving lost love, or finding yourself repeating negative patterns in relationship or reacting and repeating to negative ideas and behaviors instilled in you by your parent's relationship? Or is something else going on regarding love that you wish wasn't? In this one hour Love Clearing/Intuitive Healing we will work with divine angelic and spiritual support to identify and remove your hidden energetic blocks, limitations, and beliefs around love and relationship.

$160 · 1 hour

Block of Reiki I and II Training

Learn Reiki I and II via Zoom, and/or in Person, the way Mrs. Hawayo taught it. Use it to heal yourself and others with Reiki, and as a basis for Medical Intuition training, Animal Communication, Akashic Record Reading, or Evidential Mediumship. Training will take place over 5 to 6 months and include homework and mentoring. Schedule 30 minute planning session with Elizabeth below.

$1,000 · 30 minutes

Block of 8 Extraordinary Experience Mentoring Sessions

Have you had the experience of the thing that goes bump in the night not being human? Freaking out about it? Wondering what to do now that your previous self-view and worldview is crumbling faster than an old shortbread cookie? This block is for you. Schedule your first session below.

$1,000 · 1 hour

A Psychic Reading by Phone

Combined modality direct psychic reading, may include mediumship for spiritual guidance, some family/friend mediumship, remote viewing, probability field reading, medical intuition, energy clearing, akashic records consultation, and karmic energy clearing. Guided by spirit and the client.

5 Options

Animal Communication

An Animal Communication Session for 1 pet. This can be done over the phone. Readings start with a "discovery" portion with Elizabeth and the animal, this includes a review of the physical body, any aches, pains, and an "unsolicited" portion where the animal is invited to speak and relate anything they want to talk about with the owner. The owner is then called on the phone and connected with the animal.

3 Options

Animal Communication Follow-up

15 Minute Follow-up Session within a month of initial Animal Communication.

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Animal Spirit Medium Sitting

Traditional Evidential Spirit Medium Sitting for one Pet. Session normally lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and is guided by spirit.

$100 · 40 minutes

Emotion Code Introductory Session Special

Release trapped emotions from your physical and energetic body. Move forward in life with greater clarity, equanimity, ease and joyfulness. Help your body heal through freeing up physical energy. This session may be done by phone, email, skype or in person.

$50 · 40 minutes

Emotion Code Session

Release trapped emotions from your physical body and energy field. Session may be done in person, by email, phone or skype, your choice - just make a note below which you prefer.

$60 · 40 minutes

A Spirit Medium Sitting by Phone

Traditional Evidential Spirit Medium Sitting By Phone

$160 · 1 hour

Medical Intuition/Reiki

A Reiki treatment and check in with body, mind, spirit and your spirit guides regarding your physical, mental and emotional wholeness and healing options. Spiritual clearing and mental/emotional clearing work as needed.

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A Tarot Reading via Zoom

Because sometimes you want to see what the cards! This reading combines tarot with my normal direct psychic medium skills of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, for an added level of visual, metaphorical and archetypal clarity.

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Elizabeth Anglin