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80 Minute CBD Massage

$130 · 1 hour 30 minutes

50 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

$80 · 1 hour

50 Minute Regence/Uniform Massage

For clients with Regence/Uniform Insurance. Most plans allow clients 16 massages per calendar year with a $10.45 co insurance amount. *an active massage referral is required.

$10.45 · 1 hour

50 Minute Regence Massage (Not Uniform)

Price Varies · 1 hour

PIP Medical Massage

This service requires an active PIP Auto Accident Claim & a Massage Referral from a Chiropractor or other Doctor. Medical massage incorporates many techniques to address muscle and skeletal issues diagnosed by a doctor. We DO NOT accept 3rd Party Auto Accident Claims.

1 hour

LNI Medical Massage

1 hour

First Choice Medical Massage

Dependent upon insurance plan · 1 hour

Health Care Management (HMA) Medical Massage

Price Varies · 1 hour

Out of Network Medical Massage

We are out of network providers for Premera, Aetna, Kaiser and UMR insurances. If you have out of network massage therapy benefits we can bill to your insurance company with an active massage therapy referral.

Price Varies · 1 hour


Whitney Newton