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Studio-1 bedroom apartments living space, bedroom kitchen bathroom dusting polishing vacuuming sanitizing surfaces

Starting at $165 · 4 hours 30 minutes


Single family Homes 2-4 bedrooms living spaces kitchen dusting vacuuming sanitizing surfaces master bedroom, bathroom additional rooms+$25

Starting at $165 · 4 hours


Single Family Homes 4-5 rooms Living room living space kitchen dusting vacuuming santizing surfaces master bedroom, bathroom additional rooms-$25

Starting at $200 · 6 hours

Move in/ Move out

Sweep and Vacuum all floors Wipe down baseboards and walls Scrub shower and bathtub Scrub toilets Clean sinks Clean counter tops Dust everything

$250-$500 · 7 hours

Additional Services

Carpet-$95 Refrigerator-$50 Walls-$100 Closets-$50-$175

Price Varies · 2 hours


Washing, folding, and putting away of clothing. Laundry is priced per pound. ($2.00).

Price Varies $2 · 1 day


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