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Crowning Finish Gel Enhancements

Thin, peeling nails? Recently removed acrylic? Picked off coatings? Damaged nails from previous techs? This is the perfect choice if your nails are less than perfect! A hard gel coating is recommended to give fragile nails strength and protection, as well as add some length to short nails. This service includes your choice of gel polish, accenting glitter, and one accent nail of glitter, chrome, foil, or stamping. Depending on your lifestyle this manicure will last up to 4 weeks!

3 Options

Glam Nails

Lasting for up to 3 weeks, these full cover prefabricated nails will give you the complete makeover look without the longterm commitment of nail enhancements. These nails include your choice of gel polish and two glitter or foil accent nails.

3 Options

Winning Gel Manicure

The perfect no chip manicure service! Using a strengthening base coat and gel polish, your manicure will be instantly dry and last for up to 3 weeks. This manicure includes your choice of gel polish color, accenting glitter, and two designed accent nails (if desired).

$62 · 1 hour


Quick and non-damaging nail coating removal from other salons, finishing with a keratin oil to help strengthen your natural nails. Pricing is determined by the time it takes to remove your coating with a starting point of $20 for 15 minutes and $10 per 10 minutes after that.

$20 · 30 minutes

Royal Treatment Pedicure

The ultimate in relaxation! Your toenails will be manicured to perfection, feet and heels smoothed and softened with a invigorating scrub. After this you will enjoy a deep moisture treatment with a foot mask wrapped in warm paraffin and removed with hot towels. Wrapping up your experience with a soothing foot and leg massage, this pedicure is finished with your toes perfectly polished with your chosen color.

$66 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Basic Foot Care

A basic service to maintain your natural nails. After shaping and shortening your natural nails, your cuticles will be cleaned up and you can relax with a light foot and leg massage. The service is finished with the perfect application of your choice of regular polish.

$47 · 45 minutes

IBX Repair Treatment

This intense treatment will improve your nail plate integrity under your gel polish manicure. It also targets weak and damaged areas in the nail keep your natural nails growing strong.

$15 · 15 minutes

Nail Repair

Any repairs are complimentary if the repair is within 48 hours of the original service. After that time, the repair service cost starts at $15 per nail.

Starting at $15 $15 · 30 minutes

Advanced Artwork

Let me design something that is unlike what anyone else is wearing. This is the art that will have people grabbing your nails in amazement. You can bring in inspiration from Pinterest and I will take that and give it my own unique twist. If you can dream it up, I can create it!

$10 · 10 minutes


Lynz Parks

Lynz is a nail professional with a specialty focus on nail art and design. She is also an independent educator with Crowning Touch Nail Academy(, a Masterworks Gel Educator, and a part of the industry's first Virtual Design Team.