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$49 · 25 minutes

F Brazilian Services

Yes, we'll remove everything, landing line or triangle are optional. Service includes the butt crack & happy trail/belly strip.

4 Options

F Brazilian/Bikini Combo Services

Medium or small Landing line or triangle on the top with a thin line of hair on the lip areas. The combo includes the butt crack & happy trail/belly strip.

2 Options

F Bikini Services

A wide triangle or a wide landing line is left on the top. A medium line of hair is left around the lip area. It includes a happy trail/belly strip.

2 Options

F Glutes Services

3 Options

F Legs Services

8 Options

F Arms Service

9 Options

F Back Service

5 Options

F Belly & Chest Services

5 Options

F Body Mix Services

7 Options

F Face Services

4 Options

F Neck/Nose/Ears Services

4 Options

M Face Services

3 Options

M Ears/Neck/Nose Services

4 Options

M Back Services

Full Back includes shoulders

4 Options

M Belly & Chest Services

5 Options

M Arm Services

9 Options

M Leg Services

Short/boxers for upper legs & full legs services are mandatory.

8 Options

M Body Mix Services

2 Options


6 Options

A) Nisha - $49 Brazilian New or Repeat

Senior Waxer & Brow Designer - $49 Brazilian or 10% OFF Guys Body Waxing. She'll know exactly what you need. Her services are fast, yet very comfortable.

B) Indira

Senior Waxer & Brow Designer - She's very efficient and has plenty of experience to make you come back again & again. In a rush? Just let her know so she can do her magic.

C) Pooja

Senior Waxer & Brow Designer - Meet our adorable yet speedy technician. She'll get you in and out the room so you can move on to your next activity. Very wax-efficient!

D) Kathi

Master Waxer - Seriously passionate about unwanted hair removal. New clients, services at regular price. Special request? Please call.

E) Netta

Team Support - Ready to make your experience easy-breezy from check-in to check-out!

F) Sammy - Temporarily Away

Senior Waxer & Brow Designer - Enjoying her time with her first baby boy!