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Migraine Relief

Relaxing, non-invasive treatment that safely and effectively restructures, removes, and balances migraine energies so they no longer create painful and disruptive symptoms.

Starting at · 1 hour

Fibromyalgia Relief

A Relaxing therapy that helps relieve muscle/joint pain, fatigue, depression, and brain fog by restructuring the associated energy patterns.

Starting at · 1 hour

Wellness Reset

A unique treatment that will identify and remove stressful energy patterns that are clouding your biofield. This will restore one's physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and leave you energized, relaxed, and refreshed from head to toe.

Starting at · 1 hour

Reclining Biofield Therapy

The patient relaxes and reclines on a comfortable massage table while their whole body biofield is cleared, balanced, and charged to remove energetic debris. You will feel refreshed, present, and peaceful.

Starting at · 1 hour

Non-local Biofield Treatment

The biofield is safely cleared, balanced, and restored to leave a refreshing yet energizing feeling. Patient enjoys the session from the privacy of their own home while the biofield therapist works remotely.

Starting at · 1 hour

David Stouffer

Biofield Therapy