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Skilled Handyman Min. Charge, (Normal Working Hours)

We usually send a two tech crew to sites, so this would be for 1.5 hours of work for a crew of two. If only one tech shows up you have them for a full 3 hours if you need it. This cost is for labor only. Materials will be charged extra with a 21% markup. We should be able to assist you with any project you can supply us with. This rate is for the hours between 8 am to 5 pm on normal working days. Additional hours are based on $70.00 per hour per person plus GST.

Starting at $255 ยท 3 hours

Walter Kneip (Dynamic Optimization Executive)

Handyman for 32+ Years. Certified in many many trades. Happy customers are what I am all about. Quality fast friendly service. Check out our reviews on every social site out there. Only great reviews!