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Initial Acupuncture Appointment
This appointment takes two hours, and includes a full intake exam as well as initial treatment. The first hour is a dialogue between patient and practitioner about lifestyle, symptoms, issues, diet, sleep and body rhythms. The second hour is a short physical exam and the initial treatment. Initial Acupuncture Appointments are booked with the understanding that weekly follow up treatments will be held for a period of time before spacing out to longer times between appointments - acupuncture works by building up the energy successively, and the initial block of treatments is foundational. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing, and refrain from wearing perfumes or other strong scents.
Acupuncture Appointment
Acupuncture session - appointment is one hour, comprising of a short intake session and the full treatment. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing, and refrain from wearing strong perfumes or scents.
Zero Balancing Appointment
A full Zero Balancing (ZB) session - appointment includes a short intake as well as a full ZB session. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.
Acupuncture and Zero Balancing

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