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The Original Glo (Rinse in 12 Hours)

A full-body, customized sunless tan that will enhance your natural beauty with the perfect glow. In your 15-min appointment, you’ll receive a PH-Balancing Prep Spray, Barrier Cream, a Professional Airbrushed Spray Tan (color TBD at appointment) and a Drying Service. Sticky feet, hair nets and nose plugs are available upon request. Note: Preparation is essential for achieving the best results. A prep kit ($20+tax) is recommended for your service and can be picked up in advance of your appointment by contacting

$35 · 15 minutes

The Rapid Glo (Rinse in 3 Hours)

Select this option if you do not have time to wait a minimum of 12 hours for your solution to process prior to showering. A rapid rinse solution will be used that processes in just 3 hours.

$38 · 15 minutes

The Student Glo (Under 18)

Select this option if you are a student under the age of 18. You’ll receive a discounted rate of $28 for your spray.

$28 · 15 minutes

VIP Members Only

Select this option to schedule your appointment if you are currently a Glo VIP Member. The VIP membership is for those interested in keeping a year-round Glo. Discounted monthly membership pricing applies with a 6-month commitment required. Email to indicate interest in becoming a VIP today! Tan 2 times per month at $60/mo Tan 3 times per month at $80/mo

15 minutes

Amy Bourgeois