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Jeunesse Skincare Center is committed to offering a range of skincare treatments customized for the specific needs of your skin. We will always use advanced products and treatments to help your skin look fresh and healthy.
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Our Services

Customized Treatment
6-8 Weeks Microblading Brow Touch Up
Analyze the skin, discuss lifestyle, recommend products and treatments
3 in 1 Facial Treatment, Facial Massage, Back Treatment
At the end of a rough work-week, why not start the weekend with a Facial Treatment, Facial Massage and Back Treatment? This service starts with deep face cleansing, followed by a relaxing facial massage, which includes the neck, shoulders, and arms. A custom facial mask will be designed to address your problem areas, followed by a stress relieving scalp massage. Last but certainly not least, your back will be cleansed, exfoliated, and a light massage to complete the treatment.
Anti-Aging Facial
This customized anti-aging facial helps stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover rates – the key to a more youthful appearance. It also soothes the skin while improving texture, tone, fine lines and the aging process. The exfoliation level system includes three levels based on their relative strength.
Back Treatment
Back treatment is excellent for people who experience breakouts on their back caused by hyperkeratosis (cell buildup) and stress.
Customized Mask Treatment
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
The Deep Pore Cleansing Facial is ideal for skin prone to blackheads and the occasional breakouts from make-up and air-pollution. Treatments include consultation, cleansing, analysis, exfoliation, manual extractions and a soothing facial mask to calm inflamed and irritated skin.
Detox Deep Treatment
Detox Deep Treatment is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. Its active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids effectively penetrate pores and dissolve impactions, blackheads, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and remove excess debris to leave the skin hydrated, purified and clear. With its strong antibacterial and antioxidant action this facial provides a gentle yet deep pore cleansing of your skin.
Detox + Enzymatic Treatment
Enzymatic Treatment
Brighten and strengthen your skin with powerful enzymatic and AHA exfoliation. Think glowing skin with zero down time!
Hydrate Me Facial
Hydrating Facials capitalize on multiple skincare technologies and treatments to hydrate, cleanse and exfoliate the skin, extract facial impurities, and infuse the skin with antioxidants and other skin benefiting nutrients. This soothing and moisturizing facial is non-invasive, non-irritating, and safe on various skin types and will transform your complexion with the radiance of clear, youthful, healthy looking skin.
IonActive Power Treatment
This action packed, bio-charged treatment combines themal activity and the latest treatment room technology, optimizing product penetration for rapid skin health results. Your skin will look and feel dramatically better. Results include: reduced signs of skin aging, uneven skin tone, acne or dehydration. Bio-charged therapy will drive skin-correcting ingredients deep into the basal cell layer using advanced technologies.
Jeunesse Signature Man
Utilizing high-grade men's products formulated to specifically address men’s skin, this "results oriented" facial is intended to rid the skin of blackheads, ingrown hair's, roughness and LED Light Therapy Treatment. This specialized men's facial is tremendously relaxing, toning and hydrating for a renewed vitality.
Jeunesse Signature Woman
This ultimate service begins with a deep cleansing, followed with the ultrasonic technology exfoliation infused with lactic acid, face mapping, touch therapy massage, LED Light Therapy and lastly, a dermal layering cocktail that is customized for your skin.
LED Light Therapy added to a Treatment or Facial
Featured on Dr. Oz and one of Hollywood’s top beauty secrets, LED Light Therapy has the ability to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen production, prompt cellular repair, and increase circulation promoting a more vibrant and youthful complexion. LED light is ideal for deeper lines, wrinkles, and scarring. It promotes a more even skin tone, and is proven to have powerful anti-bacterial properties, which kill acne causing bacteria. This treatment also helps to lighten dark spots or hyper-pigmentation, revealing a brighter complexion. If you have sagging skin, especially around the eyes, under eye circles, and sunspots, this treatment is for you. ​
6 Months Microblading Brow Touch Up
(Jeunesse Skincare Center previous clients only)
12-14 Months Microblading Brow Touch Up
(Jeunesse Skincare Center previous clients only)
Mini Revitalizing Refresh Facial
The “Mini” is a great pick-me-up for the face, softening and refreshing tired and dehydrated skin. ​
Non-Surgical Face Lift
This non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment includes cleansing, steaming and minimal extractions. A superior lift mask that contains specialized enzymes, amino acids and vitamin A, E and K all working together to clean, tighten, tone and stimulate the skin without dehydrating.
Oxy Detox Facial
Oxy Detox is for clients with cystic acne, lots of blackheads and/or inflamed skin. The Oxy Detox System is designed to promote a healthy glow while detoxifying the skin by stimulating oxygenation and circulation within the skin, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed or acne affected skin as it draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow. The skin benefits as moisture molecules bond to the tissues causing a gentle plumping of the skin.
Oxygenating Facial
The perfect choice for glowing skin before your special event. This blend of stimulates circulation, bringing oxygen to the surface of the skin while removing toxins, purifying and providing antioxidant support. Your glowing skin will thank you!
Oxygenating Vajacial
The treatment includes the Vajacial plus theOxygenating Trio Treatment to target highly inflamed ingrown hairs.
Revitalizing Eye Treatment added to a Facial Treatment
Firm, tone, and revitalize your tired eyes with our unique blend of vitamin therapies and firming botanicals. Our gentle exfoliation will remove dulling debris, while a super-soothing mask will help reduce irritation.
Sensitive Skin Treatment
Inflammation and Redness are calmed using soothing, naturally derived extracts and a delicate touch. Specialty products for specific skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, will sooth, calm, purify and hydrate your skin.
Teen Facial (ages 12-17)
Our starter facial, the Teen Facial includes skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation and mask – an amazing beginner treatment. With this treatment, we teach basic skincare techniques.
Underarm Facial
Ingrown & Brightening Treatment This treatment consists of a treatment for your underarm that targets ingrown hairs and uneven skin tone in the armpit area. Please NO shaving, MUST get waxed or laser hair reduction 5-10 days prior.
The Vagina Facial takes all the elements you’ve come to expect from a basic facial and applies them to your bikini area. This treatment was created to sooth irritation associated with shaving and waxing. It begins with an antibacterial cleanser, application of an enzyme with steam to gently exfoliate dead-skin and soften the follicles. We also extract ingrown hairs. Last, we use a high frequency machine to kill any lurking bacteria & to calm any inflammation. Finally, we apply a soothing masque to absorb toxins, helping to revitalize and renew the bikini area.
Brazilian Wax
Brazilian & Vajacial Package
This service is a package option, please schedule your Vagacial, immediately following your Brazilian appointment. Note: The vagina area must be waxed or lasered; Must wait a minimum of 5 days and no more than 10 days, after any hair removal treatment. If you shave because you are doing laser hair reduction please do not shave the area 72 hours prior to this treatment. Please discontinue PFB roll-on 48 hours prior to this treatment. ​
Brow Wax
Brozilian Wax
Chest Wax
Chest and Back Wax
Chest and Stomach
Chin Wax
Chin And Throat Wax
Ear Waxing
Half Legs Wax
High Cut Bikini Wax
Legs Wax
Lip Wax
Lower Arms Wax
Modest Bikini Wax
Nose Waxing
Sideburns Wax
Stomach Or Buttocks
Thong Bikini Wax
Underarms Wax
Upper Arms Wax

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