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Beginners Lesson

Available for boys and girls of all ages. Learn foot placement, how to roll, turn, push and how to maneuver through the skatepark. Learn to tune up and make adjustments to your skateboard as you explore different styles of skateboarding. After achieving the goals set in the beginners program, skaters are able to comfortably maneuver around various areas of the park. Adult Lessons Also Available . . .

$35 · 45 minutes

Intermediate / Advanced Lesson

In the Intermediate program skills are developed that will gain experiences in the various areas of the skatepark. Kick turns, carves, ollie's and dropping in are a few example of what you will learn. The Advanced program explores all areas of the park as you learn airs on transitions, flip tricks, ledges and gaps in street and gets basics like grinds and lip-tricks mastered in pool skating.

$40 · 45 minutes


Cassidy Ramos

Cassidy has taught hundreds of kids the basics of skateboarding. She grew up at the skatepark working the counters, running skate camp and managing events. She has been surfing and skateboarding since she was six and also has experience working with children on the spectrum. As a certified behavior therapist, she can use her unique skill set and insights to make your lesson experience awesome.


Jake Sykes

Jake Sykes has been a Kona local for over fifteen years. From skate camp participant, to counselor and then on to top competitor, he is a highly regarded in the local skate community, Jake's experience and versatility make him a great choice for both beginner and advanced skaters.

Trevor Hall

Trevor has been skateboarding for over 15 years. Currently a student at UNF, he is balancing his studies with being a swim instructor as well as teaching skateboarding. He is an experienced camp counselor (Woodward Skate Camp, PA) as well as an experienced instructor. "To me skateboarding is all about having fun, while also excelling in a new set of skills". Trevors positive attitude and fun approach guarantees any participant a great time.