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New Patient Consult & Acupuncture Treatment

Initial visit includes both intake and treatment. The treatment portion includes one or more of these modalities depending on condition to be treated, time allowance, and patient's preference; acupuncture, cupping, dry needling, infrared laser therapy, and bodywork.

$90 · 55 minutes

Returning Patient Acupuncture & Bodywork Treatment

During your returning visit our physician will perform a brief follow up intake and a customized treatment tailored to your needs.

Price Varies $75 · 50 minutes

Free Consultation

If you are unsure about how we can help you, this free consultation gives you the opportunity to meet with our Acupuncture Physician and ask questions you may have regarding Chinese Medicine and what it can do for you.

Free · 15 minutes

Cupping Therapy and/or Bodywork

Cupping therapy and tuina bodywork are commonly used for treatment of muscle tension and pain. Cupping works by increasing micro-circulation and oxygenation of the tissues.

$50 · 25 minutes

Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy of vitamin B12 in it's active and most bioavailable form.

$30 · 15 minutes

Chinese Medicine Herbal Consultation

This service is for those only wanting to get a new patient consultation, diagnosis, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal prescription.

$45 · 25 minutes


Alvaro Toledo, Acupuncture Physician