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Balance Massage & Spa Bar is your one stop shop for body care in Marble Falls, TX. Book a massage to treat aches, pains, stiffness, and soreness. Our award winning Hyperthermic Sauna has amazing benefits for your body from skin brightening to blood circulation and tons in between. Amp up the spa treatment with a scrub, mask or reflexology. We now offer Lightwave LED for anti-aging, acne control and pain relief.
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Our Services

30 Minute Session
A short massage session to focus on one large area of the body or two small areas.
60 Minute Session
A custom 60 minute massage session that typically incorporates the full body.
90 Minute Session
A custom 90 minute massage session covering the full body with extra time to focus on problem areas.
Hyperthermic Sauna
Sweat out the stress! Our award winning steam sauna has amazing benefits for muscle and joint pain, recovery time, boosting the immune system, blood circulation, sleep disorders, waste elimination, and skin conditions. Your head sits outside the chamber so relax with a quick session and you're right back to work.
A 15 minute sauna session combined with 30 minute massage.
Body Brushing
Improve your health, inside and out. Dry brushing has a number of benefits that include boosting the body's circulation and improving the overall condition of the skin. It's ultra relaxing and stimulates lymph drainage as well. Take the brush with you to continue body brushing at home.
Sunny Salt Scrub
Complete body exfoliation using Himalayan Salt, a mixture of hydrating oils and a citrus blend of essential oils.
Oasis Body Mask
A quick exfoliation with pumice gloves prepares the skin for maximum absorption. A mixture of kaolin, aloe and honey are perfect for ultimate moisture. Enjoy a facial cleansing and massage while you body hydrates. After mask removal your skin is smooth, tightened and moisturized.
Prenatal Massage(60)
A 60 minute full body pregnancy massage focused on reducing aches from excess pressure on low back and feet. Our body cushion system allows a woman up to 30 weeks to lay face down without pressure on the stomach. All uterine cleansing points are avoided. Extra time can be added to the service, if needed.
Lightwave LED - Pain
This treatment focuses on clients who experience persisteent problems such as joint and muscle inflammation. It's most effective within 72 hours of any traumatic event, including post-surgical intervention to reduce scarring and encourage normal tissue formation.
Lightwave LED - Anti-aging
This 20 minute treatment is designed to rehydrate and increase collagen and elastin formation resulting in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Area being treated is exfoliated prior to being exposed to LED light for maximum benefit.
Lightwave LED - Pigmentation
This 20 minute treatment is intended to improve discoloration caused by sun damage, chemical build-up, reactions to chemical peels and excessive use of skin damaging products. Area being treated is exfoliated prior to being exposed to LED light for maximum benefit.
Lightwave LED - Flaccid Skin
This 20 minute treatment focuses on skin retraction by increasing circulation to damaged tissue. It's particularly effective over the abdomen, neck and upper chest. Area being treated is exfoliated prior to being exposed to LED light for maximum benefit.
Lightwave LED - Acne
This 30 minute program is used to repair damaged skin and significantly reduce the bacteria responsible for causing inflammatory acne. Area being treated is exfoliated prior to being exposed to LED light for maximum benefit.
Topical Light Infusion - Wrinkle Repair
This program starts with 10 minutes of Lightwave LED to stimulate blood circulation, ATP production and cellular turnover. It's followed by an application of anti-aging serum containing peptides that boost collagen and elastin formation.
CBD Package
CBD low temp sauna for absorption, CBD oil 60 minute massage plus 1/4 ounce CBD take home vial.

Our Staff

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