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Tattoo Deposit $50.00

This deposit will come off the balance of your tattoo. If you have to reschedule you must provide a 24 hour notice or your deposit will be forfeited. After making your deposit please attach any subject matter or photo references that you may have and send them to All quotes for tattoos are done in person as they're very hard to quote over the phone or Internet. Tattoo Hourly rate $100.00/hr Shop minimum $60.00 Deductible $50 deposit for a tattoo appointment Please provide your full name, date of appointment and a brief description of what you would like. You must be 18 or older to make your appointment online if you are 16 and over please call the shop for more details about how to get your new tattoo. The duration of the tattoo in the description of 3 hours does not reflect three hours of tattoo time. It just allows the artist to prepare for their next tattoo. Any tattoos larger than three hours must be booked in the shop. Thank you, Gonzo Ink Tattoo

$50 ยท 3 hours


Brett Turner