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Google Classroom One on One Training

Let's connect via zoom. Need help with Google Classroom. This is a 30 Minute consultation. I will be hear to answer all of your Google Classroom specific needs. *This does not include Forms tutorial.

Free · 30 minutes

Google Apps for Education: Slides

Need help with presentations or collaborative documents? During this consultation, I can answer your questions on Google Slides.

Free · 30 minutes

Google Apps for Education: Docs

Need help with navigating the students through Google Docs? This consultation will provide time to show ways your students can build reports.

Free · 30 minutes

General Technology Consultation

Have a question about something our system uses in the classroom? I can help with certain technologies and answer questions about certain software. *This is not a full scale training. Please keep to only questions about technology you are somewhat familiar with.

Free · 30 minutes


Christopher Graham