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Permanent Makeup/Microblading

1st session, Color Boost, or consultation. Price listed is for first session. Touch Up Appt required at 6-8 weeks. Microblading strokes only recommended for normal/dry skin. Powders brows and combo brows recommended for normal/oily skin for longer lasting results. Can not be pregnant, nursing, or diabetic. Please call or email us for restrictions and to see if you would be a good client.

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Waxing (Face & Body)

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HydroJelly or Lip Cleanse your face and neck with our all new hydrojelly masks. Illuminates the skin to reveal a glow, hydrates and balances, reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. For all skin types. Add on to any service!

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-Express Facial - Cleanse, Mask, Moisturize -Signature Facial - Cleanse, Extractions, Mini Massage, Mask, Moisturize. -Custom Deep Facial - Cleanse, Lip/Face Exfoliant, Custom Enzyme, High Frequency, Massage, Hydrojelly Mask, Moisturize. -Dermaplane + Custom Deep Cleanse Facial includes deep cleansing facial treatment plus removal of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin for a radiant glow. -Dermabrasion and Chemical Peel services restore the skin and provide a youthful radiant glow. Package deals are available for series of treatments. Ask your technician about our specials. -Collagen Microneedling procedure creates controlled micro-injuries to the skin. This stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing process, while minimizing cellular damage. As the skin heals from these micro-wounds, new collagen is created and scar tissue is broken up. The result is a smoother, tighter skin tone and texture. Old scar tissue is remodeled while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact. Erase acne scars Smooth fine lines & wrinkles Rejuvenate dull skin Improve texture Rebuild collagen -CarboxyGel therapy is a new anti-aging skin correcting technology. This breakthrough therapy generates activating bubbles that contain a proprietary formula which stimulates skin to restore beauty, energy and health. CarboxyGel Therapy delivers these amazing results and more in a 60 minute non-invasive treatment that works on all skins and is pain free. Activating bubbles are absorbed into the skin without injection to increase oxygen and the skins ability to assimilate necessary nutrients and eliminate destructive toxins. The benefi­ts of carbon dioxide to skin have been well documented over many years in numerous studies as well as personal testimonials describing its remarkable anti-aging and corrective properties including for acne and temperamental skin. A new level of skin care perfection. -BB GLOW Foundation Effect! Also sold in packages of 3 or 5. Semi-permanent BB cream is exactly what it sounds like – a layer of BB cream is injected into your skin to give you a natural looking base that lasts for a period of time. A BB Glow Treatment can assist in reduction of the appearance of freckles and lightening of your skin. It also helps with skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging or age spots. Provides instant hydration onto skin leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Gradually lightening effect on skin Neutralizes free radicals Reduces melanin content in skin before and after UV exposure Restores even skin tone and radiant complexion Reduces skin discoloration Reduces appearance of pores Plumps the skin, gets rid of wrinkles

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Teeth Whitening

**Veneers or porcelain dental work will not whiten.

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Lash Extension Services

Please Select an Option. Master Artist is 3x certified.

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Brow Services (please select)

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Lash Lift (perm) Services

Please Select An Option. Lash Lift + Tint will last 6-8 weeks.

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Cosmetic Injections (please select option below)

A consultation is required for all new patients. During your consultation, your Injection Specialist will go over your concerns, educate you on your options and formulate a plan that best meets your needs. If you would like to proceed with treatment, we can typically accommodate you at the time of your appointment. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you! *Price of consultation is applied towards your appointment.

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