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Initial Discovery Session (phone or zoom)

This is an opportunity for new clients to connect with Dr. Kathia what she can offer for their specific situation: In the discovery session, we will go over your needs and how you are looking to work with me. I will demonstrate how I will support and assist you, and which modalities I recommend. Depending on how it unfolds, this may just be a brief introduction into my clinical work, or we may have a deeper conversation about working with me in a more consistent container. At the end of the session, we will decide how to move forward and book your first in person session.

$111 · 30 minutes

Initial Consultation

$395 · 50 minutes

Follow-up Consultation

$275 · 30 minutes

Pre-purchased package session

Only for clients who have pre-purchased a package of session with Dr. Kathia.

Free · 1 hour 15 minutes

Shamanic Healing Session

utilizing sound and energy healing, facilitating ceremony or transformational processes, guided visualization and meditation, shadow and inner-child work and embodiment practices

$222 · 50 minutes

Sound Healing Meditation Session

Includes: Brief verbal check-in at the beginning of the session, 20-25 minutes of sound healing journey, and a brief verbal check-in at the end of the session.

$168 · 35 minutes


Dr. Kathia Roberts