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Spiritual consultation

An intuitive session that allows Awo Okikifa to help solve problems through tuning into the psycho spiritual forces that influence your life situation. This does not involve an Ifa Divination.

$45.00 $45 · 1 hour

Ifa Divination

Ifa consultation . Please be advised Ẹbọ may require additional payment

63.00 $62 · 1 hour

Personal Mentoring/ Life Coaching

Personal mentoring is a session for individuals seeking personal guidance or life counseling. The session may be used for guidance in the Ifa orisa tradition, herbs, life crises, personal healing, etc. It can be your choice. This does not involve a reading. This session is drawing from Awo Okikifa's personal knowledge base as a priest, Horticulturist, and life coach. Or choose a program series where I offer a session once per week for 4 weeks covering Ancestral Spirituality or Getting Started with Orisa

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