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Aaron began tattooing in Illinois before moving here for better weather, with a very diverse portfolio and history, Aaron has a lot of original American,, Japanese and Neo-Traditional designs and can give you a tattoo or piercing you will be proud of.


Alahna has been in tattoo shops since she was a baby, drawing on herself, walls or any other surface within reach since she could hold a crayon. After years of asking and helping at the shop whenever we would let her, she finally began her apprenticeship on her 16th birthday as a piercer and started tattooing a few months ago. While Anime is her favorite style of artwork, she is getting a solid foundation in American Traditional.


Preferring clean, bold designs, traditional/old school artwork, Seamus enjoys the challenge of fixing/refreshing or covering up a tattoo more than anything. Whether using just black and grey or a full palette of colors, you will be happy with the results.


Occasionally showing up dressed as Deadpool or Batman, Thor's tattoos are as good as his costumes and he is equally entertaining. Thor loves doing Anime and Comic book tattoos but is well versed in most styles offering custom artwork and amazing color.