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15 minute Complimentary Consultation

Are you curious to know more about what a session could look like for you, or someone else you know? Let's connect!

Free · 15 minutes

Private Session - Angels, Akasha and Energy

This service includes all of my tools in my spiritual tools box. You may experience a variety of my channelling and energetic services. Akashic Records Review is included in this service. If you are ready to reveal your truest path and role in your personal, career, relationships, health and wealth.

$160 · 1 hour

Full Body Energetic Reset

The mastery knowledge and application of the Dr Usui's Method of Natural Healing is blended with alchemical healing techniques Crystal and Flower Therapy Karmic Reiki techniques Aura Repair Belief System Repair and Upgrade Mind- Body- Soul Rx and other homework with be offered to assist in continuing self care after your session is completed.

$100 · 1 hour

Home, Land and Business Curing Consultation

Do you hear things go bump in the night? Has your home or business been for sale for months, or years, with lackluster results? Do you have a retail space that has high turn over of vendors, or does your business suffer with high staff replacements? Do you suspect bad vibes or a haunted area of your home/business or land? Not every case is a haunting, but there are certain earth energies, emf hot spots and more, that can throw off the energy off in any space. I diagnose the cause of concern, reset the energy in the best way suited for your situation and then teach you how to smudge to keep your space attracting positive energy and peace. This is a consultation only. Actual Curing will be booked for another business day.

Free · 15 minutes

Wynne Thornley

Reiki Master Teacher and Channel to the Aethers Certified and Professional Trained: Reiki Master Teacher Angelic Mediumship 4th Degree Akashic Records Practitioner Earth Angel Practitioner Student of Aromatherapy Student of Angelology and Demonology Home, Land and Space Cuing Specialist Podcast Host and Producer