Dear valued customers as we reopen and begin services we ask that all patrons wear mask to appointments no extra people or kids unless being serviced. If you are sick please reschedule! Thanks, and stay safe!

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Frontal Sewin Install

All Frontals must be new or either cleaned removing all old residue new frontals must be drop off 24-72 hrs (customization not included please choose service if wanted)

$185 $20 路 2 hours

Frontal/Closure Sewin touch Up

Closure Sewin Touch up with wash /Frontal Sewin touch up with wash

2 Options

Customization of lace

Customization bleaching of knots and pluck is a extra service to make units or lace pieces more realistic 馃毃Same day service is $50 馃毃and to make and lace Glueless is $25 extra

4 Options

Removal Services

This is our removal of sewin or link installation removal service

3 Options

Eyebrow Services

When doing tint is not recommended to wax eyebrow the same day due to preventative irritation of tint razor will be used

6 Options

Consultation:Microloop/I-tip/Weft links

Please be prepared to pay for hair if service is being book day of consultation hair is placed to order due to textures of hair needed via FaceTime is also available

25.00 $20 路 30 minutes

Mink Lashes

4 Options


Please no irritation of scalp or anything before this service

2 Options

Hair Treatments

Consist of steam or detox treatments before regular service.

$40 $15 路 45 minutes

Closure Sewin

$140......Closure must be new or cleaned of all old residue! ( new must be drop off 24-48hrs in advance for customization $25 or same day bleach and pluck customization $40)

$165 $20 路 2 hours


New application ( MUST BE DROP OFF 24-72 hrs in advance (customization not included please choose service is realistic look desired) USED: MUST BE CLEAN AND WASH! free of old residue ready to install or cleaningh services available 24-48 hrs in advance same day cleaning add $35

$110 $20 路 1 hour 25 minutes

Boost Treatment System

This is a protein treatment that strengthens the hair also great for color service clients it revives color and also stops breakage.

$50 $15 路 45 minutes

Glue less Frontal Sewin

All Frontals must be new or either cleaned removing all old residue new must be drop off 24-48 hrs in advance same day Customization add $40 does require more at home maintenance

$200 $20 路 2 hours


add $10 when natural hair. A new frontal is needed for this style or you can purchase frontal 3 days in advance from my collection (with included frontal...鈥漦inky frontal preferred鈥 if your natural

4 Options

Invisible /Illusion Part Sewin

Traditional Sewin with the invisible or illusional part added

$150 $20 路 2 hours

Silk Press

Prices depend on length and other hair care services needed. Smoothing treatment of hair with amino acid system Able to revert back and forth (curly to straight /straight to curly lasting 22 washes

2 Options

Quick Weave

quick weave include: natural leave straight or curly hair , invisible or illusion parts add $15 Frontal/ Closure must be drop off 24-48hrsj in available and new or cleaned of all residue (Customization not included please choose service if desire look is wanted Frontal needed is 12鈥 -14鈥 for Short Cut (you will need 28piece for this style.) customization not included choose service if desire look wanted

7 Options

Traditional Sewin Install

$145........Natural leave out for side or center part only (if natural hair add $10) no curls straight only curls are separate price

$135 $20 路 2 hours

Versatile/flip over method Sewin

Natural leave out on this install around perimeter or front hairline

$135 $20 路 2 hours

Color Services

$75 And up

5 Options

Ala cart Styling

this is a ala cart service for styling (ex body curls,crimps etc)

3 Options

Traditional Sewin Touch Up

$40 This is for traditional Sewin ONLY鈥硷笍will be washed and restyled according to Sewin given (this is not a frontal touch up etc)

$45 $20 路 1 hour 30 minutes

Microloop/ I-Tip install

MICROLOOP REQUIRED 2pack min.These hair styles included a consultation is required before service to make sure we have perfect hair matching for your texture of hair Proper maintenance is required for this style 3 1/2 weeks out after initial install brush for detangling is also provided with service. Smoothing treatment / full head hair dyeing required 7 day wait before install ( with 2 required hair washes at home)

5 Options


Feedings on get 6 braids anything over is $10 braid

5 Options


Starmieka Wright