*PRE BOOKING FORMS NEED TO BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO BOOKING. PLEASE CALL TO BOOK. I will email you the forms. Complete online or print , complete and email back. Once returned you can book online. When booking online, choose 1 or more massages, (STEP 1) 1 or more oils (STEP 2), and upgrades (STEP 3) *To limit the amount of face to face direct contact time we are asking that all massages/ upgrades/ gratuities are paid at the time of booking. *At this time we are not accepting any coupons, groupons, discounts, or specials other than those offered in store for packages/memberships. *We have implemented additional safety protocols both in house and for clients. *This is a difficult time for our business, so we thank you for your patience and support! * For our customers who've asked how they can continue to support our business in the meantime, please consider purchasing a gift card or making a donation. Thanks, and stay safe! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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STEP 1- PACKAGE PURCHASE Save 25%-35% off single massage prices!

Save 25% -35 % over single massage prices by purchasing a 3-12 massages in a package. Then customize your massage at each visit with oil and upgrade options! Taxes will be automatically added to your total at checkout. Choose from: -15 minute neck and shoulder- medium to deep tissue therapeutic massage on just the neck and shoulder. -30, 60 or 90 minute Relax. Light to medium gentle swedish to lull you into relaxed bliss. -30, 60 or 90 minute Recover. Medium to deep.tissue therapeutic full body massage. Deep work into the belly of the muscle to iron out knots and tightness. -30 minute focus. Pick one area for deep concentrated work.

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STEP 1- NEW PURCHASE Choose a massage

First choose your massage. Then choose an oil and then choose your upgrades. Taxes are automatically added to your total purchase price at checkout. Choose from: 15 minute neck and shoulders. A medium to deep tissue therapeutic massage for tight neck and traps. 30, 60 or 90 minute Relax- a gentle, light to medium swedish full body massage to relax you into a blissful state. 30, 60 or 90 minute Recover- medium to deep tissue therapeutic full body massage to get down into the muscle and iron out those tough knots. 30 minute Focus, choose 1 area for deep concentrated work.

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STEP 1- PREPAID Choose a massage

STEP 1-First choose the type of massage you have prepaid, whether a single prepaid or a package of massages. STEP 2- Choose an oil STEP 3- Choose your upgrades

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STEP 1: MEMBERS Choose a massage

monthly massages for members only. Choose the massage type of your membership, then add additional time, oils and upgrades

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STEP 2- Choose an Oil

Choose the type of oil for your massage! Add as many options as you like!

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STEP 2- MEMBERS Choose an Oil

Choose an oil at a discounted members-only price!

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STEP 3- Choose your upgrades

Many upgrades available to enhance your massage experience and provide further relaxation, relief from pain and enjoyment!

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STEP 3- MEMBERS Choose your Upgrades

Members discounts are applied to upgrades!

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A working owner, Sherri was a deans list graduate in 2010 from Southeastern Institute's School of Neuromuscular Massage. Sherri is certified in cupping, kinesiology taping, sports pathologies, swe-thai, myofascial release, stretching & wellness and was a former group personal trainer at Pivotal Fitness. Her professional experience includes 4+ years at the 5 star Sanctuary Hotel Spa as well as 5+ years at Kiawah Islands Private Members Spa, Sasanqua. Luxurious spa treatments to knot-busting deep tissue massages, Sherri has you covered!