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SilverTouch Aesthetics is an Award Winning Med-Spa that goes beyond traditional spas to combine clinically proven advanced skin care treatments. We are all Colorado Natives with the knowledge and Educations to Treat the Skin here in the Mile High City. We preform Facials, Botox, Juvederm, Skin Care, etc. We personalize skin care procedures to fit with your individuality, busy schedule and all with cost efficiency, all for you!
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10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

Complimentary Birthday Facial
Skin-Care Consultations
Purchase 100 Units of Botox for $1100.00 (this is a $300.00 savings) You will get fresh Botox. We will note your file during each use. You can use your units at your leisure. Units must be Prepaid for this Promotion.
Lip Rejuvenation/Lip Filler
Plump your lips or Soften lip wrinkles with Vobelia or Juvederm ~ People will notice a refreshed change without a noticeable change.
Facials (Anti-Aging, Acne, Rejuvenation)
Facial with Microdermabrasion
Chemical Peel
Lash Extension Patch Test
Ever wonder about Lash Extensions? Are they for you? Would they bother you? Is the adhesive too strong or would you have a reaction? A Patch test walk you through the whole process. Make sure your lashes would be strong enough to support the lashes you desire. We talk to you about the length and weight. How long they should last and what you can expect. We go over after care and let you know exactly how to care for your new lashes with the best retention possible. We will place a few lashes on each side. You will notify us ASAP if you have a reaction or to schedule your complete Lash Extension Set.
Eyelash Extensions by Kayla
Services provides by Kayla
Brow/Lash Tinting
Lash Lift
Add a little curl to your eyelash
Latisse and Product Consultations
Facial Hair Waxing
Arm Waxing
SilverLining Make-Up by Kayla
Finish your services with a SilverLining - Full Make-Up or just a light touch up to get you back out and about to enjoy your day or play. Even if you just want to hang out for a Concert or Event at The Orchards, you will be refreshed and ready. Stop in, get a touch-up; feel and look refreshed!
Stop in
Stop by
NCEA is a National Credential ~ Never stop learning! You can spend a day with me. I will provide you with all the Prep you need to complete this course. I will also Proctor your test so you can obtain your NCEA Certification.

Our Staff

Tina Silver, LE
As a Denver native, I truly understand the skincare issues we face living here in the Mile High City. I have a sincere passion for skincare with a focus on temperamental skin, slowing the aging process of wrinkles and the overall health of skincare.