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Sacred Love (Yoni Steam Session)

Through the process of Yoni Steaming your are able to connect your heart and your womb. Implementing self care, self love , relationship healing and forgiveness this package is perfect if this is your first yoni steam session or a self care day with your girls! Whats included: Charged with Rose Quartz gemstones 15 Minute Consultation 45 minute Yoni Steam 1 cup of womb tea or wine This package can be booked for up to 4 people a session. It is recommended to Yoni steam once a week.

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$45 · 1 hour

Sacred Healing (Yoni Steam Session)

Throughout our life our experiences with trauma, pain and guilt are held inside our womb space. Through the process of Yoni steaming we are able to release what no longer serves you and set intentions to bring positivity, abundance and love into your life! Its important to Yoni Steam weekly to fully release and renew! Whats included: Charged with certified gemstones 15 Minute consultation with Mariah 60 Minute Yoni Steam Session Custom Yoni steam blend Sage cleansing ceremony Yoni Breathing Womb Meditation 2 Cups of herbal tea or Wine If you book this package you will have the Womb Garden Spa to yourself unless you choose to book with women you know.

$125 · 1 hour 30 minutes

VIP Shopping

Book a VIP shopping experience and receive a 10 minute consultation & product recommendations. Enjoy a complimentary cup of Essential Womb Tea while you shop $10.00 deposit required to reserve your space Deposit is non refundable but goes towards your shopping balance

$10 · 15 minutes

Womb Wellness consult

This consultation is for someone who is ready to heal! If you’re tired of dealing with the pain and trauma of your menstrual cycle or you’re fed up with the complications of fibroids, yeast infections etc. this is for you! Let’s talk about your womb health history & what changes need to be made to start your womb health journey. This includes product recommendations, routines and advise. Includes 10% off code to use at

$50 · 1 hour


Mariah Gray