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Brow Lamination

$89 · 1 hour


Free · 30 minutes

Yearly Refreshers for Existing Clients Only

An Eyebrow/Lip refresher is performed 1-2 years after a previous procedure has been done and the client needs color/shape change or a color boost. For existing clients ONLY. If you are not an existing client, an initial procedure is required to book.

300.00 $300 · 2 hours

Customized Brows

Depending on your health, skin type, lifestyle, and preference of esthetics, I will perform the appropriate brow procedure for you and your desired outcome. AKA: Powder brows, Ombre Brows, Machine Hairstrokes.

$500.00 $500 · 2 hours

Lip Blush Tattoo

Using a machine, the lip blush procedure lightly adds color to the lips while also enhancing the symmetry and giving the look of volume without the fillers. The lip blush does not replace the solid look of lipstick and is not a good procedure for darker skinned clients as the skin can hyper/hypopigment. The healed result is more sheer and looks fabulous with a layer of gloss to give it a natural look. An emailed photo of your lips will be required when booking this service.

600.00 $600 · 2 hours

Top+Bottom Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancement is a Permanent Makeup process that creates the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes by filling in between the lashes with color. The lash-enhancement procedure can be done on just the top or bottom lashline, or both.

$475.00 $475 · 2 hours

Top Lash Enhancement

$300.00 $300 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Customized Eyeliner

Choose this service if you are desiring a thicker eyeliner procedure, or any wing or wedge vs the lash enhancement. The price will vary on desired outcome and needs to be discussed and approved by Seanna prior to booking. Please call or email.

2 hours

Emergency Removal/Lightening

This procedure can ONLY be performed within 48 hours after an initial procedure was performed

$75 · 45 minutes

Tattoo Lightening (per session)

This service is a a great option of you if you have unwanted Permanent Makeup that you no longer like the shape or saturation of color, and would like to start fresh. Also, smaller body tattoos can be evaluated for candidacy.

$250.00 $250 · 1 hour 30 minutes

6-8 week Eyebrow Perfection Visit

Perfecting visit after initial brow procedure

$75.00 $75 · 2 hours

8 week Lip Blush Perfection Visit

After your Lip Blush procedure has fully healed, this is the perfecting appointment that would be needed to address any color reinforcement or shape perfecting. If you are pleased with your healed Lip Blush, then you will not need to book this service.

$75.00 $75 · 1 hour 30 minutes

6-8 week Eyelash Enhancement Perfection Visit

$75.00 $75 · 2 hours

Third visit (if needed within 6 months of initial procedure)

Every client heals differently due to multi-factorial reasons. If there is any need to address your Permanent Cosmetic work within 6 months of your initial visit, this is the service you will want to book. ONLY for existing clients that I previously worked on within the last 6 months.

$75.00 $75 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Seanna Fishbein