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Therapeutic Massage

This session is designed to be therapeutic to the client, varying from just a relaxing massage to deep tissue massage. Sports massage techniques and stretching can be applied depending on chief complaint. This massage is beneficial for muscle pain, circulation of blood, and help with specific injuries or body aches as well as helping with calming and relaxing of the mind, body, spirit to help with sleep issues. Session may include Cupping, Guasha, Hot towels, Liniments, or Theragun (upon Therapist discretion)

2 Options

Neck, Shoulder, and Foot massage

This massage begins as a sit- in chair massage while feet will be soaked in Epsom salt with essential oils of your choice. While your feet are soaking, your neck and shoulders will be massaged between 10-15 minutes. You will then relax on massage table while each foot is massaged using Lava Mint Foot Scrub for 15 minutes each foot, followed by hot towels and massage oil.

$65 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Percussive Therapy/ Tui Na

30 minutes or 60 minutes of percussive therapy with the use of a Theragun device and Traditional Chinese medical massage TuiNa. Session will include stretching and traction. Client will keep clothes on entire session.

2 Options

30 minute Cupping/massage Session

30 minutes of cupping, specific to the area of the body that needs it. Includes: Light massage to the area being treated with liniment application. Can not be added as an add-on.

$45 · 45 minutes

Nakea Andrews