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Annual Slipcover Refresh

We will pick-up your slipcovers, make any needed repairs, spot clean, launder, apply a stain-free finish, return and reinstall making sure to fit and phoof. This follow-up service allows us the opportunity to be sure your slipcovers continue to perform well and to fine-tune any problem areas that may not have been immediately noticeable. Better than an extended warranty for your furniture.

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In-Home Consultation

Schedule a time for us to come to your home to help you choose fabrics & styles, take measurements and make templates as needed. Consultation fee is waived/reimbursed when a deposit is made on your project. For a free estimate email a photo of your furniture pieces to or text to (239) 634-3186

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Phone Consultation

Need to talk with me about your project? Schedule a phone call. I can answer all your questions about pricing, fabrics, or whatever you need assistance with. Please leave your phone number and I’ll give you a call. Talk to you soon!

Free · 15 minutes

In-Shop Consultation

Schedule a time to come to us. It's always best to be sure we'll be here if you want to drop off a project or check out some fabrics. Want an idea of pricing beforehand? I'm always happy to give you a free estimate, just email a photo of your furniture pieces to or text to (239) 634-3186 (please provide your email address when texting).

Free · 30 minutes

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