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Intuitive Reading - Virtual, 30 Minutes

$54 · 30 minutes

Intuitive Reading - Virtual, 1 hour

$108 · 1 hour

Follow-Up Clinic Consultation - Virtual

This option is for all returning patients who are seeing Michelle and have had a consultation with in the past six months. Patients who have not had a consult within the past six months must book a 90-minute consult so that we have time to cover everything. You can choose to have your consult via telephone audio, Skype, or FaceTime. Please be aware that the consultation fee for this service no longer includes herbal medicines. Because I do international consultation, rather than setting a flat shipping fee and potentially overcharging some folks, you will be sent a separate shipping invoice to pay online.

$153 · 45 minutes

Vedic Counseling- Virtual

The Vedic Counselor’s job is to help people create conscious awareness and a conscious lifestyle in order to unfold their greatest potential, through a program that cultivates reconnection with their innate healing power and inner wisdom, to promote mental balance and contentment.

$108 · 1 hour

Medical Intuitive Healing Session - Virtual

Service provided by Michelle, who is a certified Medical Intuitive. These sessions combine Clinical Ayurveda with Intuitive assessment of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues surrounding your state of health. In these sessions, you will receive a clinical Ayurvedic assessment including things such as taking pulses and assessing root causes of disease. We may also be doing energy healing and emotional release techniques, meditation, or breathing practices. We may talk about past-life experiences and clear their effects on your present state. Each session is unique. Often at the end of these sessions herbal medicines will be recommended, and should you choose to take them they will be custom formulated for you and provided for an additional fee. If you would like to have your session over Skype, please write Michelle a note about that when you book your appointment.

$153 · 1 hour

Energy Healing- Virtual

Service provided by Michelle. Movement of the energy field in and around the body to facilitate healing from the cellular level, while lying fully clothed on a massage table surrounded by healing sounds and a soft comfy blanket. Incorporates healing strategies backed by modern scientific study, such as vibrational healing with sound and passive energy healing treatments demonstrated to facilitate release of cellular memory of trauma and emotions causing illness. Treatment can also be customized less for release and more for relaxation.

$108 · 1 hour

Crystal Healing - Virtual

Service provided by Michelle, who is a Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. A crystal healing session is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals and stones on the body in relaxation. Crystal healing utilizes principles of physics, noting that the vibration of a crystal or stone will entrain the vibration of human energy fields, attuning that energy center, organ, or system to a more harmonious and healthy frequency. ‘An interesting phenomenon occurs when different vibrating things/processes come into proximity: they will often start, after a little time, to vibrate together at the same frequency. They “sync up,” sometimes in ways that can seem mysterious. This is described today as the phenomenon of spontaneous self-organization.’ (

$108 · 1 hour

Michelle Dexter

Michelle Dexter Garber is a Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner, Registered Ayurvedic Herbalist and Pharmacist, and a Registered Ayurvedic Psychology Consultant with the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America. Michelle holds a Masters Degree in International Public Health. Michelle is also a Certified Medical Intuitive, Certified Crystal Healer, and Reiki Master.