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Our regular schedule is often booked weeks in advance. It is not always appropriate to wait that long after a surgery or during lymphedema flair up to be seen.
If you do not see a time that works for your schedule, please call us at 512.751.8146 and we will try our best to accommodate. Please do not hesitate to reach out.
In an effort to serve as many as possible, we kindly ask 24 hour notice for all cancelations and reschedules. Late cancelations and no shows will be charged.
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Our Services

Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage
We specialize in this very gentle technique that helps reduce pain and swelling associated with cosmetic procedures. By helping to stimulate the lymphatic system, we are able to assist the body during the healing process equating to quicker recovery times. I want to assure you that this type of massage is not painful - it feels so good to get things moving. You will walk out of our office feeling much better! For best results, we highly recommend coming in as soon as possible after your procedure to help prevent swelling form becoming stagnant (first few days). It is ideal if we can see you again a few days after your first session.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
This service focuses on the whole body and is ideal for those dealing with autoimmunity or other chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and lyme disease. Through a series of very gentle, rhythmic strokes, we are able support the body's lymphatic system allowing for decreased inflammation and fluid buildup. It should be noted that this therapy is very relaxing - most people fall asleep during this treatment.
Lymphedema Treatment or Prevention (CDT)
Due to the removal of lymph nodes or damage to the nodes from radiation therapy often times lymphedema occurs after cancer treatment. This is typically characterized by chronic swelling in one limb but can occur anywhere in the body. Helping and educating people through this is my true passion in life. In addition, many doctors send me their patients during breast reconstruction to help regain range of motion- these patients often come in several times a year to help prevent the onset of lymphedema.
Ashiatsu DEEP Tissue Massage (Using Feet!)
It's kind of a secret, but we also offer Ashiatsu massage. This super luxurious, painless massage offers deep, broad pressured strokes using the therapist feet! Once you have discovered this deeper than deep massage you will never want to go back to a regular massage again. This is very beneficial for people dealing with chronic neck pain, sciatic nerve pain, or scoliosis - just to name a few.
Lymphatic/Ashi Combo
For those wanting a truly restorative experience, get the best of both worlds and allow us to what we feel your body is calling for. This massage includes all the little extras with our goal being to leave you totally blissed out, pampered, and feeling great. All of our treatment sessions are customized to your individual need.
Ashiatsu Short Session
Sometimes, when doing deep work, it makes more sense to see someone for a shorter session on a more frequent basis. These sessions last about an hour but can be tailored to your need.
Massage Cupping for Lymphatic Drainage
We have incorporated cups into most of our therapy sessions. It is an invaluable tool for lymphatic drainage purposes. If you would like a session where we focus on this technique to alleviate sinus pressure, arthritic pain, or deep scar tissue adhesions, this is the session for you. It is never our intention to leave a mark on your body while using a cup.
Lymphatic Massage to Prep for Surgery
People often ask if there is anything they can do before their surgery to prepare their bodies. We highly recommend have one Lymphatic massage about a week before your procedure and then one more a day or two before. This helps to clean the tissues your surgeon will be working. Incisions can be made easier and you may experience less swelling and bruising after your procedure. We have found that having lymphatic massage before your surgery decreases discomfort and healing time.
Oncology Massage
This is a safe, deeply relaxing treatment for those currently go through cancer treatment. We use extremely light pressure, and diligently slow strokes to induce the deepest relaxation possible. This massage can help manage some of the side effects associated with cancer treatment such as pain an neuropathy. Please feel free to call us with any questions regarding this treatment.
Physical Therapy
We are pleased to have Dr. Courtney Rolnick offering her physical therapy skills Austin Lymphatic. It is often difficult to bounce back from a surgery or injury without proper guidance and retraining. Dr. Rolnick's superior expertise in dealing with injury and scar tissue can help you get back on your feet and living your best life. To receive physical therapy in Texas, you must have a prescription from your doctor. We are happy to assist you with this.
Physical Therapy / Lymphatic Combo
Often times, we have patients come through with lymphatic congestion coupled with old injuries and scar tissue. In these cases, mixing these techniques is the best option for optimal results. If you have any questions on what the best treatment to book for your particular situation would be, don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your specific needs. Please note that in the state of Texas, you need a prescription to see a physical therapist. We are happy to reach out to your doctor to assist in this.

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