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-Haircut Regular

$28 · 35 minutes

-Bald Fade/Skin Fade

$32 · 45 minutes

-Scissor Cut

$30 · 35 minutes


$22 · 25 minutes

-Clean up

buzz on the neck, around the ears, clean up sideburns and neckline, finished with a hot lather neck shave.

$10 · 10 minutes

-Clean up w/Taper

$20 · 20 minutes




Nikki is kind of a rare breed in the world of barbering in that she is a female. However, that doesn’t mean she is any less talented. On the contrary, her bald fades mixed with her masterful shear work are unparalleled. A woman’s touch goes a long way, and this woman can cut hair with the best of them.



Steve S