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Osmosis Infusion

Osmosis Infusion treatment delivers retinaldehyde deep into the dermal layer to stimulate collagen, lighten pigmentation, hydrate and eliminate fine lines. This is the "Gold" standard in skincare, regenerating the skin at the source by repairing the DNA! The highest quality and percentage of active ingredients delivered deep into the dermal layer stimulating the skin's own innate intelligence to repair and regenerate!

$160 · 50 minutes


$300 · 30 minutes


$110 · 30 minutes

PRF Microneedling/Needle Injections

$750 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Mini Facial

30 minutes


15 minutes

Custom Facial

Booking the custom facial is for new clients that have not been evaluated and course of treatment determined.

$160 · 50 minutes

Dr. Hauschka Custom Herbal Facial

Relax while your skin is returned to a healthy glow using carefully chosen cleansers, toners, masques and moisturizers for your unique skin condition. Massage is incorporated and elegantly timed throughout the facial experience. (please choose one of the following times when scheduling your appt. 10:30, 12, 2, 3:30 or 5)

$160 · 1 hour

StemCell Regen

AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution Pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors & cytokines that signal the skin for accelerated repair and regeneration of the skin. Utilizing a concentration of a lab derived culture of human bone marrow stem cells, specialized cells that function as command and control to regenerate/repair skin.

$450 · 1 hour

RF- RadioFrequency & LED Light Stim

Reduce wrinkles, tighten & brighten dull skin. Regenerate collagen, strengthen & tone young & aged skin. Increased metabolism for restored skin function.

$275 · 1 hour