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Our Services

Intro In Person Health Evaluation
2 Hour Personal Health Evaluation with Dr. Julie Montgomery including Ph testing, evaluation of blood work that you may have, energy balancing and nutritional reflexology, treatment plan outline.
In Person Follow Up to INTRO
The first RECHECK appointment after a long INTRO appt. is done with Dr. Julie Montgomery and these appts are 79.00, whereas all other Rechecks are $69 and may be with one of her trusted Interns or Associates.
Remote Initial Consult
No matter where in the world you are - we can help you get a better handle on your health. If you fill out our Intro Pack ahead of time, and send us your current bloodwork, we can spend up to 1.5 hours over the phone to customize a treatment plan.
CHILD INTRO - Child of Established Client
FIrst visit for a child who has a parent who is an established patient, or a patient on a treatment plan is discounted to only $49.00
CHILD INTRO - Parents are NOT established Clients
Full Physical, Emotional and Nutritional Exam and ph
Initial 15 minute Herbal Consult
Testing appointments
AromaTouch Therapy
This beautiful treatment uses the most amazing CPTG essential oils and treats your hands, feet and back to a wonderful and therapuetic experience.
Bach Flower Consult and Custom Formula
This amazing consult with our Resident Master Herbalist Greg Montgomery is especially helpful for people with Emotional Problems who don't want to talk about them but would like something all natural take to be supportive on an individual basis. You will leave the appointment with a special custom formulation for your particular set of needs, which are determined through a private questionairre.
Bio Energy Synchronization Technique including PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL B.E.S.T. This amazing technique removes both physical and emotional interference in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so you can completely release stress.
CHILD B.E.S.T. or Emotion Code
This service is for children of parents who are established patients
Physical B.E.S.T.
Balance the parasympathetic (rest and relax) and sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system - so that your stress is able ro melt away.
Combination Recheck
This includes both a Physical and a Nutritional Reflexology balancing , and is subsequent to an Intro and an Intial Recheck (Follow up to INTRO). You save $29 by doing both of these together over booking them seperately at different times.
Deep Tissue Massage and Physical B.E.S.T.
When you feel your shoulders up around your ears you know you need some real help to feel your best again. Having the Bio Energy Synchronization Technique done before your deep tissue massage will balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and let you fall into a deep relaxation state while JoAnn works the knots out of your muscles.
Quarterly RECHECK for children of established patients
Emotion Code
Work on interference created by Emotional baggage. This technique removes interference without psychological analysis and uses the body codes developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. People always report feeling looser and lighter after these sessions.
Foot Massage (reflexology style)
A good Foot Massage is an excellent way to affect the entire body in a good way, when coupled by CPTG Essential Oils and aromatherapy. Everyone should get this wonderful treat once a month- but at least once every quarter for better health.
Full Hour Massage
Our amazing Massage Therapists are not "fluff and puff" massage therapists. These talented LMT's know how to find the muscle or nerves that are on edge and using CPTG essential oils they will help you feel your best again.
1/2 Hour Massage
Todays busy lifestyle can get us all tense and sometimes just a short massage session can make us feel terrific again and ready to face our work week with more vim and vigor. You can relax and let JoAnn use CPTG oils on your muscles and feel great!
Head , Neck and Shoulders Massage (Relieves Tension)
Sometimes tension gets so bad that you get a stiff neck or a headache from it. We aim to get rid of the headaches, and better yet prevent them completely with this amazing massage.
Herbal Consult
Consult with Master Herbalist to determine a custom herbal formulation for health support, which is included in the Consult
Herbal Ball Massage
This is an incredible massage which is even better in the cooler months as it involves steamed herbs that are applied to your muscles during massage. This is a wonderful aromatic and sensory experience. This is a great gift for someone as well.
Nutritional Reflexology (QR-NR recheck)
Complete Product check against each individual Nutritional Reflexology Point on your body, to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.
Physical Recheck
This includes making sure that you are energetically balanced from head to toe- including atlas, axis, ribs, fibula / tibula, hips etc with NO TORQUE at all. This is NOT a chiropractic adjustment, but it feels better than one and lasts longer too!
Remote Follow Up Sessions
For Out of town clients, wellness sessions can include custom nutritional blends, emotion coding, and treatment plan designs. These sessions can be booked after a client-practitoner relationship has already been established through a Remote Intro.
Raindrop Therapy
Amazing support for the Immune System delivered by our awesome massage therapist with CPTG essential oils on the spine. This is a treatment you should have at least twice a year. This treatment also provides excellent support for killing candida in your system.
Wellness Consult (Doterra)
30-60 minute consultation with a Wellness Advocate who can go over a 120 WELLNESS and DETOX PLAN that is right for your body type and your schedule.
Treatment Plan Emotion Code or B.E.S.T.
Treat your bodys stored EMOTIONS through your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This technique uses PHYSICAL clearing and EMOTIONAL clearing.
Our excellent Massage Therapists are not "fluff and puff" - they know how to treat what is going on with you with great skill and acuity.
1/2 Hour massage right where you need it.
This amazing therapy using all DOTERRA Essential oils will get in deeply to your muscles and also KILL Virus and Bacteria.
TREATMENT PLAN Reflexology Foot Massage
Affect your whole body using oils on your feet only
TREATMENT PLAN Combination Recheck
Nutritional and Physical Recheck
TREATMENT PLAN Nutritional Reflexology
Testing Organ and Nutrition Points for deficits
TREATMENT PLAN Physical Rechecks
Physical Energy Rebalancing (Hips, Atlas, etc)
Amazing treatment with herbs from Indonesia, Thailand and Bali which relax your mind and your muscles as they are applied expertly and with warmth to your body.
Treating Physical muscle tension and imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so you can rest and relax.
Please call our office 931-557-5005 if you have an EMERGENCY that CAN NOT WAIT for an available time - and we will get back to you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE about what can be done to assist you.
QR-NR Nutritional Reflexology - INITIAL CONSULT
QR-NR tests 28 different points on your body for sensitivity so that your body can tell you what it needs to get back in balance. We have 5 certified QR-NR Practitioners that work at this office. You will be able to FEEL when the points clear and give us YOUR feedback. Its amazing.
Sick visit
90 minute massage
90 minute massage
Reflexology by Anita
This service is performed by a master certified reflexologist and reflexology is her only job. You will be amazed at how much can change by having a person who knows hit all the points that relate to all your body systems through your feet.
Reiki is believed to improve just about any aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity. Reiki techniques are used to heal the body, mind and the spirit. Reiki can be used to relieve Pain and is an approved energy modality at most hospitals in the United States and Europe. Book MISTY PEARSON for this.

Our Staff

Anita Havlin, reflexologist
Anita Havlin is a certified reflexologist licensed by the State of Tennessee and she can make you feel like a million dollars- and find some things you need to work on too!! Feet tell all about organ systems and reflexology can help the body to function optimally.
Dr. Julie Montgomery/Greg Montgomery
Dr. Julie Montgomery is a Holistic Doctor of Natural Health and has owned Holistic Therapy Services since 1997. She has helped thousands of people to better health, both individually & through seminars, lectures, and intensive health weekends. Greg Montgomery is a Master Herbalist and Master Herbal Formulator. You will have a custom formula designed just for you during an appointment with Greg.
JoAnn Haley LMT, Misti Pearson REIKI Master
JoAnn Haley has worked with Dr. Julie Montgomery on and off for over 30 years, starting in FLorida. JoAnn is a former nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist TN#11979. JoAnn has an immense knowledge, and a wonderful technique. Misti Pearson is a certified MASTER REIKI practitioner- she is so wonderful that people often relax so much they fall asleep on her table.
Juanita Boyett QRNR,Office Mgr
Juanita Boyett has worked with Dr.Julie and Greg Montgomery at Holistic Therapy Services for over 6 years and is very knowledgable about all the products and services. Juanita is a wellness advocate with Doterra and can customize a 120 day Health Plan.
Rebekah Gleghorn, Therapist
Rebekah Gleghorn is part of the Holistic Therapy Services Family and has worked here since 2009 when we were in Taft, Tn. Starting her career as a massage therapist and now specializing in Nutritional Healing - we are blessed to have her on staff.