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Instruments Sterilization $5 per instrument pack

We follow Public Health standards and guidelines. We have sterilization space. All instruments are precleaned, go through an ultrasonic cleaner, then individually packaged into an Autoclave. We test our autoclave daily with Biological Indicators. We also use Level 5 indicators with each load every time. We have policies and procedure manuals and directives in place. We want you to provide the best and safe foot care service. If you need to have your instruments sterilize remember we are just a call away.

30 minutes

Foot Care Service

As a Registered Practical Nurse specializing in foot care, I provide basic or advanced foot care services in the comfort of the client’s home, nursing home, retirement residence, hospitals, and hospices. I provide foot care for diabetics, seniors, persons with arthritis, illnesses or injuries, poor circulation, mobility issues and obesity. Some people are covered for foot care under extended medical insurance. * check with extended health plan to see if foot care is covered * Veterans Affairs, Green Shield and Blue Cross insurance approved providers

$45 · 30 minutes


$5 · 30 minutes

Catering request

If you have a special request we would be more than happy to discuss with you, please call us at 289-990-4634 for a quote. Thanks

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