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Gold Rush Detail

This Detail Is a HIGH END entry level cleaning, as well as competitive and affordable “Interior and Exterior” *Includes exterior wash and dry with a wax, wheels cleaned, Vac, interior wipe down, windows and door jambs What to expect you will get an incredible high end up keep Job or for those of you who want bi-monthly or every few month services we can really keep your vehicle Fresh, clean and well protected through each season and give you an Amazing deal saving you time and money. You come to us!!!

$89.99 · 2 hours

The Ultimate Experience

This one we prefer you to bring it to us!!! This is the best!!! of the best!!! You can’t go wrong with this HIGH END detail package. It is truly like no other you have experienced in a full detail before, You will be absolutely blown away with our quality. This is a like new and a true ultimate experience. Your vehicle will be set apart from the rest. “Includes Interior and Exterior” * combine all packages with a complete interior steam clean, shampoo and disinfectant. nano clay bar to remove all contaminants from the exterior of the vehicle also a 3 step compound, polish, and a paint sealant The paint sealant will outlast and shine as well as provide a much longer lasting protection than any wax. This particular paint sealant can last up to 6+ months with proper care and Maintenance of your vehicle. There are too! many benefits to list. When it’s done you will know you went to a high end detail specialist with over 20+ years experience.

$399.99 · 10 hours

Ceramic Coating Services

The prices start out at an entry level package for $599 and goes up depending on what you are looking for. We have a GOOD, BETTER OR BEST which would be a top of the line Ceramic Coating. Larger Ceramic Coating Packages can take up to 3-4 days to complete. Call or Text us for details if you are Interested. 561.420.7978 This is the Newest Revolutionary breakthrough in the finish protection industry. This particular product is a free flowing liquid that polymerizes to a solid, bonding permanently to the vehicle. Which becomes another layer of protection for the paint, insulating the softer factory clearcoat for years to come this does not wear off like a wax or a paint sealant. Prior to application your cars original clearcoat is professionally prepped to achieve the highest and most perfect surface possible, far beyond a factory finish. You have a choice to cover it with 1 to 5 layers of ceramic coating. When this coating cures, it will be more than three times harder than the factory finish, while retaining the ability to flex and resist road vibration to match the underlying substrate. Many things can damage your cars exterior. Ceramic coating provides a shield against all of them. Minor scratches, bird droppings, bugs, harmful UV rays, acid rain, salt, road grit, alkali in car washes, even chemicals like lacquer thinner

Call for Price $599.99 · 1 day

Serving Automotive, RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, and Air craft

Prices will vary depending on the vehicle. Any questions please contact us at Lou 5614207978 We serve cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, air craft, farming vehicles, construction vehicles and equipment as well.

Call for Price · 1 day


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