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Ifa Divination

This divination assess specific situations in your life and determines solutions to problems as well as determines how to bring your life into the balance and in alignment with your souls purpose. It can determine what spiritual forces of nature are involved with or influencing your life at present as well as what attitudes, actions, or beliefs may help or hinder progress. Ifa divination may also be seen as an “early warning system” that provides insights into what we need to watch out for, what we need to look for, pay attention to, and what changes in behavior will be beneficial to us. It utilizes the sacred tools of Opele and or Ikin in this session. No more than 1 -2 topics and subsequent follow up throughs per session.

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Ori Life Path Divination

Discover the life lessons, soul insights, and guiding Orisa in this comprehensive reading. Simple includes phone consult Complex reading includes a full written report, African name if desired, 3 or more oracles used, and Phone consult.

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Ancestral Lineage Reading

This Divination offers insight into your family’s lineage. It determines ancestral gifts as well as challenges, advisories, and taboos. It will explore your mothers line and fathers line and determine from which side your soul hailed from. Sometimes may determine which ancestor you were in the family line. Sometimes it may also bring you a special message from your ancestors about your family as well. This is an Ifa Divination that will determine the Odu that governs each line . Many times, a family can carry an Orisa through the bloodline and so this reading will determine dominating Orisa that supports your family on each side. This reading is good to use in conjunction with those who work closely with their ancestors. Please include mother and fathers name in notes when signing up.

$108 · 1 hour

Yearly Reading

Find out what’s in store for the year for you! Choose from Tarot/Ching that will provide a month to month forecast along with a Iching Hexagram Overview. Bone divination which will provide a comprehensive overview in up to 13 areas Dafa( Ifa Divination) which which will tell you the energies and Orisa most prevalent for you this year along with soul lessons and opportunities. (Dafa may require additional Ebo offering ) Numerology reading providing your numbers and the energies for the year and 12 months.

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African Soul Therapy- Spiritual Life Coaching

African Soul Therapy is spiritual therapy for those experiencing spiritual blocks, dealing with past trauma or hurt, or need additional emotional spiritual support beyond divination. Issues that may be addressed are relationship challenges, family, personal struggles, or even anger management , fear, or spiritual depression. It offers individuals an opportunity to discuss in depth their issues and discover ways to address them. In these sessions, Dr. Kumari will bring all of her skills as a diviner, spiritual therapist, traditional healer, mother of 4 adult children, wife, and all her other hats to support you in healing and moving past your challenges so you can have a better quality of life. This kind of soul therapy is offered in a single or multiple session blocks at a discount.

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Personal Mentoring Session

Personal Mentoring give you the opportunity to have a one on one on the topic of your choice. This can be just getting some advice and insight on a personal issue or gaining additional training or personal lessons in Ifa. Personal mentoring an also cover topics such as relationships, finance, business, Spirituality. Or it can be used to gain new skills and as a personal class.

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Bone Divination

Bone Divination is an ancestral oracle tradition that creates a full constellation or picture of your life. It includes objects of nature thrown in a basket and the observation of sacred patterns that determine your situation. I use over 100 bones to discern an infinite number of situations. This is a Sangoma style method with Akan and Kikongo added. It will cover up to 13 areas of your life. It can point out general and specific issues as well as give advice and more clarity and advice for love and relationships, work and finances, and spiritual outlook and opportunities.

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Tarot / I Ching

Tarot /Iching readings can offer insight into many aspects of your life and future. Tarot includes the use of visual cards while the Iching is an Asian binary divination system similar to African Ifa but does not require Ebo. It is primarily an advisory method of consulting and can be very helpful when seeking to know likely outcomes for actions, etc. This reading may use 1 or both methods depending on the questions and insight needed. Questions such as life lessons and soul purpose can be answered with this kind of reading as well as questions relating to relationships, money, work, spiritual life, and advice for courses of action. They can also identify future potentials and examine things like mate or partner potential and gain insight into motives and likelihood of success with certain ventures.

$65 · 45 minutes

Quick Question -Yes or No or 1 card via text or email

A simple reading to answer a question by text or email. Quick questions are not to replace full readings but rather clarification with 1 or two cards pulled or a yes or no using Ifa. If answer requires more, the request will be denied and you will be asked to purchase a a full reading. When you sign up, please ask yes or no question or focus in the notes along with date of birth. You will be sent a written answer via text or email.

$21 · 15 minutes

Traditional And Holistic Healing -Oogun

Traditional Healing involves indigenous knowledge involving botanical mineral, animal, and or spiritual based medicines , manual techniques used to assess, treat, prevent and maintain well being. Traditional Healing is often used for hard to treat cases where conventional medicine offers only palliative approaches. However it can also be utilized to support healing in a number of conditions such as depression, anxiety, emotional imbalance, fertility,and virlity issues, muscle conditions, pain syndromes, childbirth etc. It can also be used as a supportive method for ongoing physical conditions.

$72 · 50 minutes

Add on Video Session

If you would like your session video recorded, select this along with your service. Session will take place on zoom.

$20 · 20 minutes

Add on Audio Session

If you would like your session to be recorded as an mp3, select this option along with your session

$10 · 20 minutes

Chief Abiye Ayele Kumari