The Brazilian Wax Studio

The Brazilian Wax Studio offers head to toe waxing for both men and women. We specialize in intimate services from Bikini to the Brazilian . At The Wax Studio we strive to provide a compassionate, comfortable and thorough hair removal experience. Through education and instruction you will leave The Brazilian Wax Studio with all the tools necessary to keep your new "clean" skin perfect.
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Our Services

Women's Traditional Bikini
Women's French Bikini
An inverted teardrop shape with hair remaining along the labia
Women's French Bikini & Between Buttocks
Women's Landing Strip
A little cleaner
Women's Landing Strip & Between Buttocks
Women's Traditional Bikini & In Between Buttocks
Top and sides of bikini line with removal of hair in between the glutes
Women's Full Brazilian
Women's Brazilian Maintenance
Must be done within 3-6 weeks of last Brazilian.
Women's Buttocks
Women's Happy Trail / Belly
Women's Full Face
Women's Eyebrows
Women's Cheeks
Women's Lip
Women's Chin
Women's Underarms
Women's Arms (Full)
Women's Arms (Half)
Women's Nose
Women's Ears
Women's Sideburns
Women's Neck
Women's Legs (Full)
Entire leg wax, including feet and toes.
Women's Legs (Upper Half)
Women's Legs (Lower Half)
Women's Inside Thigh
Women's Feet and Toes
Women's Lower Back
Women's Back
Pineapple and Papaya Enzyme Hand/Foot Treatment
Must be added to a custom facial. Upgrade your custom facial with this 20 minute bonus treatment to exfoliate dry, built up skin using this powerful yet naturally derived enzyme. Leaves hands and feet feeling silky smooth while light massage with hydrating body cream indulges senses.
Custom Facial
A deep pore cleansing of the face and neck, thorough skin analyzation (with product and treatment recommendations), steam, extractions (if needed), hand/arm massage and facial relaxation massage. Includes exfoliating peel and custom blend mask in price.
Men's Chest
Men's Back
Men's Happy Trail / Belly
Men's Shoulders
Men's Arms (Full)
Men's Arms (Half
Men's UnderArms
Men's Eyebrows
Men's Ears
Men's Nose
Men's SideBurns
Men's Neck
Men's Leg (Full)
Full leg wax, including feet and toes.
Men's Leg (Upper Half)
Waxing of upper-half of legs.
Men's Leg (Lower Half)
Men's Inside Thigh
Men's Feet and Toes
Full Body Tan
Face and Neck Tan
Face, Arms, Neck Tan
Feet and Legs Tan
Micro Current Facial
A deep pore cleansing of the face and neck, thorough skin analyzation (with product and treatment recommendations), steam, extractions (if needed), hand/arm massage, facial relaxation massage and micro current therapy. Micro current therapy uses the body's natural current to stimulate the facial muscles promoting firming and tightening of the skin. Includes exfoliating peel and custom blend mask in price.
Cocoa Enzyme & Oxygen Facial
This custom facial treatment is great for acne and rosacea skin types. The cocoa enzyme exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells and build up while killing bacteria. Oxygen is infused into the skin which helps promote healing and removes redness. Please request to speak with the esthetician if you are pregnant or using acne medications (topical or orally) of any kind before making your appointment.

Our Staff

All Staff
PLEASE NOTE: By booking a brazilian service (only) with 'All Staff' you are booking with one of our most recent 'Wax Tech Trainees'. You will be receiving a complimentary *half price* service for your willingness to participate in service practices. Please allow for extra time in your schedule as your service may take longer than usual. Please call our studio well before your appointment time if you have any questions or issues.
Hannah is a licensed esthetician through the Continental School of Beauty since August of 2019. Working in this portion of the beauty industry is her passion and she is experienced in all services offered.
Jaime is a licensed cosmetologist with 5+ years industry experience/specialty in skincare and waxing. She has specialty training in targeted skincare such as acne and rosacea. She has also expanded her hair removal services to include sugaring and exfoliation treatments for those who are prone to ingrown hair. Jaime is a graduate of the Continental School of Beauty and joined The Brazilian Wax Studio in May 2016.
Shantell has completed her wax technician training course through Shear Ego International School in Rochester, NY. She has been perfecting her waxing skills since fall of 2019. Shantell loves helping women feel their very best through hair removal.
Shari is the owner of and main wax technician at The Brazilian Wax Studio. She completed her waxing courses through the Continental School of Beauty in 2015. Shari has had many years of experience specializing in hair removal and strives to make every service the very best! Shari is currently expanding her skills with sugaring application.
Zarinah is a graduate of the Continental School of Beauty's 'Esthetician' program as of October 2019. She has been working on her hair removal skills since the summer of 2019 and is confident in all services offered. Zarinah loves helping women receive great results through hair removal.