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You can get a haircut just about anywhere these days. But though many businesses share our same industry, our patrons come to us for who we are. This has much to do with the why of our business: We’re a human-sized team with mad skills, a fun attitude, and the creative chops to turnout both modern and traditional haircuts. We believe in creating meaningful experiences and the right to good hair. We take pride in cleaning up men’s heads and sending them back into the world as slightly more respectable, slightly more handsome fellas.
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Our Services

We will use trimmers, clippers and shears to complete the haircut. Includes a fade or taper on the sides and back, and optional shearwork on top. We will use a straight razor around the ears and neck to complete the haircut. If you require a completely balded origin, please consider booking a Razor Fade, as this service requires extra time.
Buzz Cut
This cut is also known as a butch or que vadis. We will use our clippers to cut all the hair on the head to one length. we will use a straight razor to outline the neck and around the ears. the haircut does not include a fade, a taper, or a line-up. If you require any of those in your haircut, please book a 30min haircut service.
Senior/Child/Active Military
This haircut is the same as our regular haircut, but we provide a discount for Seniors over the age of 65, children under the age of 11, and active duty military. Please take note: children must be able to sit by themself, and not cry in order for us to cut their hair. "lap" haircuts violate state board regulations.
Razor Fade
This is similar to a regular fade or taper, however we use hot towels and hot lather to prepare the skin to be shaved below the zero line, or origin.
Custom Hot Towel Shave
In a multi-step process we cleanse, massage and prepare the skin of the face to be partially or completely shaved with a razor. Includes pr shave as well as post shave care in addition to no fewer than three hot towels.
Head Shave
Hot towels and lather clean and prepare the scalp for a clean shave. Post shave care in included.
Beard/Mustache Trim
Trimming of the facial hairs is included, as well as a hot-oil treatment. We will use a razor for the top-line of the beard, and trimmers beneath the jaw line. If you require a close shave beneath the jaw line, please consider booking a shave, and this takes additional time.
Hair Wash
Includes shampoo and conditioner. Please book this additional service if you plan on arriving with excess product in your hair.
Color Blending
We use demi-permanent hair coloring products to blend grey hair to the intended shade. Includes shampoo and conditioning treatment. Please come to your appointment with clean dry hair with no product applied.

Our Staff

Andrew "Tugboat" Goad
Andrew has been with Barber Blues Since early 2016 and is a Federico Beauty Institute Barber alum. He specializes in Beards and has a great knowledge of our products and their uses.
Fausto Chavez
Jacob "Canelo" Gianatasio
Jacob has been with Barber Blues Roseville since day one. As an extern, Jocob earned his chair the day after graduating Federico Beauty Institute Barber Program. Jacob specializes in clean, tight, fades and has extensive styling knowledge.
Jason Iverson
Jason Has owned Barber Blues since 2010 and has brought the business from a one-chair shop, so a multi-location local brand. Jason specializes in precision shear work, and luxury shave experiences.
Mark Higgins
Ramses Olivares
Tylor Fugate
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