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Master hairstylist. Over 15 years experience. I specialize in woman’s haircuts long or short, thick and thin. I also specialize in balayage and ombré hair techniques. I do colors,grey hair coverage,highlights,Perm’s,waxing,Call or text if you have any questions or if you are unsure about the service you want or need. To see my work visit my Instagram @barbergirl559
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Our Services

Devacurl haircut
Pick this if you have wavy to curly hair. Curly hair girls this haircut is for you. I’m a certified devacurl haircut stylist. If your traumatized from past haircuts and they butchered your hair off. Don’t be alarmed. This technique is done dry so that we don’t lose the length you want to keep, yet trim what needs to come off.
Low lights
To add depth or color into the hair.
Lightning session
Please call for quote if you need one. Price depends on length and thickness. This does not include a touch up. Please book that separate. Can be in same appointment
Tape in extensions install
Color correction counsultion
If you need a color correction please choose this It’s up to thirty minutes of my time talking to you about your hair and the past two years of what you’ve done to your hair I need to see it and feel it in order to provide the right service for you I also need to see a picture of what your goal picture looks like
Partial balayage
Hair is darker at the roots and becomes lighter at the ends, or vice versa. keeping it up is low maintenance. Haircut not included
My favorite to do, Hair painting. If you like the sun kissed look or maybe a more lighter dramatic effect. Balayage has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than traditional highlights also making it low maintenance. Haircut not included
Woman’s haircut
Wash and style included
Men’s haircut
Wash included
Children’s cut (5 to 7)
Not recommended on highlighted hair. This is a starting price for short hair. Price depends on thickness and length of your hair. Please text with pictures of your hair and I can give you a quote. Please also include a picture of what type of curl you want as far as the size tight perm or loose or just waves.
Highlights (partial)
Haircut not included
Highlights (full head)
Haircut not included this price is a starting price and will vary depending on the amount of highlights and thickness
Vivid colors
Consultation recommended before appointment. If you schedule an appointment please text me a picture of your hair and the color you want. Please ask if you need a price quote.this is just a starting price, prices vary on this service, color that you want and how thick and long your hair is.
Eye Brow wax
Upper lip wax
Color (touch up)
Roots only haircut not included add $30 for haircut with this service. Haircut alone is $60 but I discount the haircut with a color service
Color (All over color)
Haircut not included Pick this service only if it’s a solid color you are wanting and this does not include vivid colors or fantasy colors Typically you would choose this service if you want to stay at the same level or go darker If you want to go lighter than the color you have now then that is considered a double process color which means I would pre lighten it then color it (so you would choose a double process color )
Shampoo & blow dry
Bang trim
Treatment for dry hair or damaged hair
Comes with wash and dry styling is extra. This Tigi treatment is the best I’ve found in my 15 year career. It works try it
Kids haircut (8-12)
Extra for tangle knotted hair $45 to $85 or extra for long hair
Chin wax
Scalp treatment (for dry scalp)
This service is for those of you who have dandruff. No need to be embarrassed. Come see me so I can help you. No chemicals! scalp treatments also help to stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp. Also pulling natural oils from the scalp to the ends which helps with shine helps with dryness.
Woman’s Haircut dusting
This is a technique used to get rid of split and damaged tips. The split ends that you can’t get rid of with a hair cut or trim. This service does not include a haircut it is a hair dusting service. Call for questions
Teen girls haircut (13-17)
Extra for knotted
Add on (hair treatment)
Treatment for dry hair. If you are getting a color service or haircut you can simply add this service on at a discounted price. Save money and put some keratin, protein, vitamins, and minerals in your hair to help with the dryness and make it shine.
Men’s haircut long hair
If your hair is long than you will want to choose this service so it gives me enough time to wash cut and style your hair
Double process color
If you want to go lighter then the color you have now choose this. You have to know that color doesn’t lighten color. So for example if you have dark brown hair and want medium brown then I would need to lighten your hair a little so when I add the medium brown color it will grab. Or medium brown to lighten brown . The good thing is we won’t when to lighten it to blonde but we would have to lighten it. Call or text with questions (One color only )
Teen boy haircut (13-17)
Extra for longer hair past ears

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