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Brow Maintenance with Chloe

Chloe is our up & coming Brow Superstar! Her work is absolutely on point. Whether you have existing tattoo & you just want to follow that shape or you only have a short time to get them neatened, let us help you ou! Tint, trim, tweeze & wax all done on your lunch break!

$40 · 30 minutes

Brow Maintenance

Keep those brows looking envious! You'll still get all the trimmings!

$59 · 30 minutes

Bakery Banquet (brow maintenance + lash lift + tint)

Lift up your lashes at your Brow Maintenance appointment! Brows and Lashes go hand in hand. You'll feel so glamorous after combining these two treatments!

$140 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Ombre / Powder / Shadow Brows

Your first tattooing experience with The Brow Bakery! Shadow / Powder / Ombre Brows is the ultimate look. Whether you want them soft & subtle or bold at all times, this is the look that you want! We decide the shape together & pick a color to suit based on your everyday look. Minimal trauma to your skin! The best colour results & retention come from this technique. * PLEASE ENSURE YOU BOOK YOUR PERFECTION SESSION 6-8 WEEKS FROM THIS APPOINTMENT *

$499 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Perfection Session Shadow / Powder / Ombre Brow

This is to make sure you have the best lasting results ! Touch up any areas that may have lost pigment, make a little darker if you like. * PERFECTION SESSION IS ONLY FOR CLIENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY HAD THEIR INITIAL BROW TATTOO WITH THE BROW BAKERY - if you book this & not an initial Shadow / Powder / Ombre Brows appointment, it will be cancelled * ** $100 non-refundable deposit will be charged within 48hrs, $155 will be paid in cash on the day of your appointment ** 6-9 weeks after your initial Shadow / Powder / Ombre Brows appointment, you are fully healed, comfortable & confident with you new brow look! Sometimes we may need to correct some areas or you may even want to darken your brows by a shade! This is when we will do that. After today, you will book your next appointment in 12-18 months!

$175 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Brow Tattoo Consult

Questions about tattooing before you book in - ask away! Either in person or over the phone - please specify in the booking notes. Kiyomi

Free · 15 minutes

Tattoo Removal

Sometimes it happens & we either don't like the tattooing results or we need removal to get better tattoo results next time! Full consultation will be done at your appointment - this is where we will discuss how many sessions may be required before we can tattoo again. A link to order the pre-numb and during procedure numb will be emailed to you upon booking. Anaesthetic is on top of the removal fee as the law stipulates the client needs to purchase. We are LiFT Removal trained and use their products. This is the most effective product on the market - even better than laser removal in some cases! Lets chat more - you'll be glad you did.

$200 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Brow Tint

Keep your brows looking fresh with a simple, lasting tint. **ONLY AVAILABLE FOR EXISTING CLIENTS TO BOOK**

$20 · 15 minutes

Lash Lift + Tint

Want the looks of eyelash extensions without the maintenance? This is for you! Give your lashes a beautiful curl, finished with tinting to show off how long your lashes are! Last 8-10 weeks.​

$90 · 30 minutes

Facial Wax

Lip, chin, sides of face - you'll be taken care of! per area

$15 · 15 minutes

Lash Tint

Keep your lashes looking fresh with a simple, lasting tint.

$20 · 15 minutes


Chloe Rose

Chloe is completing her Beauty Therapy Diploma & is specialising in creating brows!


The Brow Bakery goes more than skin deep. We understand that getting your lashes or brows done is about more than just the end result. It's about finding an artist who can help you feel amazing during, after and in-between appointments. That's where I come in. Today, I'm serving up the freshest brow and lash treatments in Brisbane's Inner City, including lash and brow tints, lash lifts, facial waxing and my signature dish - the natural brow creation. Ready to say hello to your best brows and lashes yet?